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Magical Constipation

Magical Constipation is an affliction suffered by the elderly of a few of the magically blessed races. The most prominent of all of them is among the Elven elderly.   Similar to how common constipation can lead to many aliments and health problems in an organism, Magical Constipation can lead to many in a magically blessed race. Up to, and including, death. In the worst cases of Magical Constipation, it is indeed fatal to the unfortunate victim.   And, like the standard form of constipation suffered by everyone, it is also a very uncomfortable thing to experience. Let alone reach levels significant enough to die from it.   The reason why typical constipation is a problem is it’s effectively a hitch in the flow of waste products that led to a backup and, eventually, the body killing itself with its own waste toxins. And a similar reason is why Magical Constipation is such a problem for its sufferers.   There’s a problem with the flow.   As Elves get older their bodies, like all of the mortal races, get weaker. Unless extreme care is taken, with strict regimens of exercise, they lose muscle mass and their overall fitness degrades. This happens to all races. But magically blessed ones, Elves especially, have an extra fear to worry about. For their bodies themselves are the key focus instrument for their magics. If their bodies become weak, so does the focus.   As a result, the magics that are coursing through their veins can suddenly start damaging them. Poisoning them from the inside. There are no cures, but there are treatments. Things they can do to prolong their life and life more comfortably as they do. Changes in lifestyles can help strengthen the body and allow it to withstand the rigors of magic casting and magical power generation. And regularly using their magical ability will help keep from the extra power from leaking out and causing them harm.   Which is basically what it boils down to.   If they don’t manage their magical abilities well enough, which becomes an increasingly harder task the older they get, the magics their own bodies generate will be generated at a rate that their body can no longer handle. The more it causes them harm, the lower their overall tolerance to their own magic power will be, and the easier it is for it to harm them. It is a vicious cycle.   And, because the condition is the effective opposite of Magical Burnout, it has been coined as Magical FreezeOut. As instead of a lack of magical energies causing them problems, it’s the over abundance that is punishing them.   Alternative Name: Magical Poisoning, Magical Freeze-out

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