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Idioms of the Allied Nation

The Nation of Allied races is one of the places on the planet that have a rather unique fertile land for their language’s growth. While there is a primary language, spoken by all three of the major races, it is used from the perspective of entirely different individuals. This new perspective, along with the different races close proximity, has led to quite a few idioms that most others may not even understand.   Most of which are in-jokes at the expense of the other member races of their nation.   “So about those Crest Fall ocean perch?” : Crest Fall is a land locked area and as such has no salt water for fishing. In general common usage it is basically calling their bluff or saying they are lying about whatever the topic at hand is.   “Flies like a human and thinks like a dwarf.” : Is a favorite idiom among the Elven peoples. And has been even before the war. Although, while it seems to be equally aiming at the huma’s as it is at the Dwarves, the idiom is actually meant to target the Dwarves stereotypical mentality of acting before thinking. IE Doesn’t.   “Hold my hammer…:” Is a phrase that has been passed down through the Dwarven peoples for generations. Typically it is something said to a trusted friend to let them know things were about to go down. In a very physical sense. Its source originates with forges where a dwarf smithy master would pass off his tool to his assistant / apprentice to avoid it getting damaged while he ‘dealt’ with some unruly customer. Also to help keep the infuriated Dwarf from using the hammer on whoever managed to draw such ire. Not so much to protect the individuals, but because it’s considered disrespectful to the tools to use them in ways they aren’t intended to be used. They are tools for creation. Not weapons for destruction.   “Just a short trip through the Wandering Woods.” : Is one of the phrases that is ubiquitously used among the many members of the Nation of Allied races. The hazards of the Wandering Woods are well known across the kingdom, and beyond. Universally the idiom means whatever was just talked about is: a bad idea, don’t do it, and expect bad results if you do.   “Vissy’s point of view” : The idiom’s literal origins and meaning is “view from above” While the implied reference means “looking at the big picture” or “taking everything into consideration.”

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