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Falconry Forestry

The Elves of the Allied Nation of races had developed a unique method of harvesting from trees.   By using birds of prey.   There was a string of events that lead up to it, but the primary keystone for them to build upon had to do with their culinary skills. As is already broadly acknowledged with the success of Ms. Sweet wood, The Sugar Queen, and her flocks of @Avisians, Elves had crafted methods of magically enhancing food in order to tailor it specifically for individual races.   So the Elves did the exact same thing for creatures in order to earn their trust and cooperation. And then used these new, magically enhanced delectable delights, in order to train various animals to do various tasks that would otherwise be nearly impossible to get them to do.   In the case of the birds of prey, they found the perfect food for bribing the birds. In normal falconry, the hunter could get the bird to do tricks or hunt for them in exchange for bits of food. Food in the shape of raw bits of meat. But, the fact of the matter is the bird could, if they so wished, get the same food on their own. The perfect food turned out to be something the raptors could never get. Anywhere. Without the aid of the Elves.   The food that was discovered to be the raptors favorite turned out to be small strips of meat that had been magically prepared to give the meat the flavor of being seared to perfection. Or roasted. Or smoked. However, the meat maintains the delicious, to the raptors anyway, tender texture of being absolutely raw.   With this delightfully easy to prepare bribe item, the Elves were able to convince the Raptors to work for them. The birds eventually got to the point where they could determine which fruit or nut was ready for harvesting and would grab it and bring it down for their Elven benefactors.   The system worked so well in the @Wandering Woods that the Elves didn’t even have cages for the raptors. They would simply show up to the small groves, and the birds that wanted a share of the rare treat would hop down out of the branches of the surrounding forest and join the Elves for work. Outside of that, the raptors would live their lives free like any other member of their species.

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