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Dragon’s Fall

Dragon’s Fall War Memorial is a monument built in the center of a small pond. The significance of it is a battle that took place near the middle of the End Days war. It was erected in honor of the sacrifices made by the allied races’ soldiers in order to protect a village in the region.   As the war progressed, the tribes of man began using every advantage they could possibly find. Or buy. The biggest, and most dangerous, of the ones that agreed to fight on their behalf, were dragons. One in particular was an ancient red dragon that the tribes of man had bribed with hordes of gold, and a permanent home where the humans would protect it from outside threats. Protect it and its ever growing horde while it was away.   The target of the dragon, and the force that went with it, was a smaller distribution hub where supplies that were meant for Crest Fall passed through. Not far from the distribution hub was a village that had been growing ever bigger from the people that worked the hub moving and building closer to it.   The down side of this was, when the attack directed at the hub launched, it left the town directly in the rampaging dragon’s path.   The first forces on location were a small squad of @Avistians. They were massively outnumbered, and, in all acknowledgement of the events, stood absolutely no chance of stopping the attack. They were wiped out to the last soldier. But what they managed to do, was buy precious time. Time for the villagers to escape.   And for reinforcements to arrive.   A full battalion mobilized and came to the aid of the town. And, upon seeing the full destruction of it all, launched a counter attack that lasted hours. The dragon was a fierce foe. But with their combined might and firepower, they were able to finally bring the dragon down. And drive off the remaining attacking force.   Although the cost was high, and more than forty percent of the battalion had lost their lives in the battle. Most of which were incinerated by the ancient red dragon’s fiery breath. But, thanks to their efforts, civilian casualties were kept to a minimum. So a memorial was erected in their honor where the dragon fell and left a crater in the ground.

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