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The Bloodletters

## Summary   The Bloodletters are a secret cabal of mages who seek practical immortality by stealing the life-force of others, typically by force. For hundreds of years they were largely unknown, their existence only hinted at by rumors and hearsay, but in 2E-112, Baelyn Blackwell published an exposé (one of many in The Blackwell Histories) detailing their rituals and their crimes. Following the publication of this text, The Bloodletters were driven to near-extinction by The Wolfguard, though it is believed that a few bloodletters escaped.   ## Methods   The Bloodletters achieved practical immortality by using the stolen life-energy of their victims to magically prolong their own existence. They would often kidnap their victims, slit their throats and drain the blood into sacrificial chalices. Rituals often included consuming the blood of their victims before harvesting the life-essence. While most bloodletters carried ritual daggers for the purposes of draining their victims, some members took a more primal approach, magically lengthening and sharpening their teeth and nails to be able to hunt without weapons.

Religious, Cult

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