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What if death wasn’t the end? What if you could live again, in a rich and exciting fantasy world, full of magic and adventure? Periva is exactly this. You need fear death no longer, for now death is merely a gateway to a new and incredible life! Periva: an afterlife we can all believe in!   Periva is the PERsistent Interactive Virtual Afterlife, the flagship product and brainchild of William Stevenson, founder of the IVA Initiative. Since its release in 2045, Periva has welcomed thousands of new members into its vast and wondrous world.   The world of Periva is roughly the same size as Earth, with a diverse and boundless variety of plant and animal life, as well as numerous societies and empires. It features a deep and colorful history, a lifelike simulation of physics and evolution, and unlimited freedom for residents to explore their new and limitless lives.   Pursue any trade you wish, from farmer to adventurer, cutpurse to king! Visit any number of exotic locales and uncover lost civilizations and forgotten artifacts! Pursue wealth, romance, power and knowledge! Forge your own destiny, seek your fame, and stake your claim in the annals of history!   Periva awaits!   (Notice: All content relating to Periva is © Copyright 2017 Christopher M. Steffen, All rights reserved.)

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