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the spine of the eastern wing

Along the northern shore of the eastern wing, you will find there lies a great, vast Mountain range. To the native Avians, it is called the spine of the eastern wing. while most foreigners simply call them the great mountains.


The Grand Chain is a chain of mountains near the northern shore of the eastern wing of the continent of Avionica the peaks range from 15-20 km inland and 5-10 km tall. The Grand chain is one of the most beautiful and hostile places on the continent the southern slopes are covered by freezing winds falling from peaks. While the northern slopes are battered by vicious electrical storms.

Fauna & Flora

Little can survive on these freezing peaks, but even in such hostile conditions, life can be found. Such as the Shiverthorn. A species of cactus with a thick skin that insulates the sensitive chemosynthesis machinery inside. which it uses to get energy from chemicals in the air. The hide of the Shiverthorn are used by the native kakapo to fabricate warm clothes and shelter.

Natural Resources

Many iron deposits can be found under the mountains, although no mining may take place because of their protected nature.

Alternative Name(s)
The Great Mountains, The Northern Range, The Grain Chain
Mountain range

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