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A world of five continents, five elements, and five evils.   The five elements are Air, Water, Fire, Earth, and Magic. Each continent is dominated by one of these elements:   Avionica, the continent of the Air, is a land of great mountains, both rooted in the ground and floating with the clouds.   Faelinia, the continent of the Water, is a land of rainforests and rivers, with land broken up into small islands by a massive river delta that flows from the great mountain on the western tip of the continent.   Infernus, the continent of Fire, is a gorgeous tropical archipelago, with ferns, palm trees, beautiful coral reefs, and massive volcanoes constantly spewing white-hot flaming lava everywhere.   Terra, The continent of earth, is a land of rolling hills, lush woodland, and stunning chalk cliffs. Terra is the largest and most populous of the 5 continents, it is also home the most dangerous race known to all of Pentoxia, man.

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Dungeons & Dragons 3.5

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