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Painted Mantas

Painted Rays are a large, beautiful species of manta ray native to the warm waters near the equator of Paseon. They are docile, friendly creatures who pose no threat, and some cultures have been able to tame, train, and eventually learn to ride them. This activity is called Ray Surfing. These cultures have also been known to use their Rays to help carry cargo over certain distances by attaching them to a small boat via a rope that is magically (and harmlessly) adhesived to their tales, and allowing the ray to pull the boat as it swims.

Basic Information


Painted Mantas are large, relatively flat creatures with broad heads and triangular pectoral fins that they use to glide beneath the surface of the ocean, and small cephalic fins on either side of their mouths. They have a long, pointed tail that serves very little purpose and is generally shorter than their bodies. Their name comes from their blue and white coloring, which looks similar to splatter paint. This helps them blend in with the water when seen either from above or below.

Ecology and Habitats

Painted Rays naturally live in warm water waters that have a diverse array of plant life. They will usually stay closer to the surface of the water, swimming idly and sometimes breaching the surface. They most often live in groups of two to six, but may also live solitary lives. Some rays form symbiotic relationships with cleaner fish and will travel with them by their sides. They may also stop at coral reef cleaning stations to be cleaned and allow the fish to pick parasites from their back and belly.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Painted Rays feed on large amounts of shrimp, krill, and zooplankton. They are also known to occasionally eat small or medium-sized fish, but this only happens if the ray is of an exceptionally large size.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Painted Mantas have generally poor eyesight, and rely on their strong sense of electroneception to navigate their environments.
65 years
Average Height
Between 2.5 and 3 meters
Average Length
Between 5.5 and 7 meters

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