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Session 7 Report (2/2/2020)

General Summary

We start our story today with the group locked in a cell on a prison island. The old man imprisoned with them is Ettrian. They learn that he is a very old elf Wizard who has traveled the world. He founded the Aekron Order and had a deep loving relationship with Fivin centuries ago. He teaches them the magic of teleportation circles.   The group skillfully dismembers the guards on the island and frees the other prisoners. Their planned escape was through a teleportation circle that Ettrian was able to create quickly using Fivin's old spellbooks.   They travel to Menid and save the prisoners of the island jail. The wizard in Menid tells them of an incoming attack from the Sails of Indus and it is best if they leave as quickly as possible. Ettrian was able to open a portal to Fivin's secret ruins just long enough for the 5 of them to travel through, but he is quite exhausted.   Upon entering the ruins they see fresh bags, bedrolls, and clothes. People had been living there but they aren't home at the moment it would seem. At the center of the ruins is a mystical door that may be the entrance to the vault that Fivin described in his journal.   They enter and get lost in a seemingly endless maze of identical rooms. Not all of the rooms are empty though. They find a few skeletons, one of which appears to be Fivin, who never solved the riddle and died, lost in the maze.   Luckily the party turned out to be more clever than Fivin and solved the riddle and entered the vault. Symbols of a language and statues of a race that no one seemed to recognize watched over an artifact that upon first glance, projects a map of somewhere unfamiliar. It looks cosmos-y? more studying will be needed to know more.   The group manages to find there way back to the main chamber of the ruins leaving that dangerous maze behind them... but are they safe now...?

Report Date
09 Feb 2020

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