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Eberron Session 3 (6/2/20)

General Summary

Our story opens with Cameryn in the underground prison. A dwarf guard is leading her through the prison to her cell. In a vestibule, a rune glows and purple smoke fills the chamber, to the dwarf's surprise Camryn is not knocked unconscious!   After some scuffle, the doors are opened and two stone warriors capture Camryn and throw her in a cell. She discovers the dwarf they were looking for, Maggie, and a passed out halfling.   The rest of the group fights their way downstairs to rescue Camryn and Maggie. The guards agree to show them to the cell but the rest of the group isn't as lucky when it came the purple smoke. They were knocked unconscious and thrown in the cell.   After some time to rest, the group uses acid to make an escape! But they find themselves at one end of a road in the old city of Sharn, deep underground. The road is an area with many people cheering and Thurik is responsible for this treachery.   They must make it to the end of the road to gain their freedom and treasure!   They fight many creatures but learn that only one of them is allowed to live to earn their freedom.   The group says fuck you to Thurik and makes an escape! Maggie is grateful and gives them the fire amulet they were looking for in exchange for their help.   Back at home, Maxine needs some time to decipher the amulet so the group decides to murder Thurik.   They break into his home and with a little cunning murder him.   When they return to Maxine she tells them that she has learned the name of the demon, Soz'Gogig, but she will need to consult the stars at an ancient draconic observatory for more information. She hasn't visited one in over 100 years, but they were built a millennia ago so chances are good that it is still hidden there.   The observatory is hidden in the Seawall Mountains near Zolenberg.

Report Date
25 Jun 2020

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