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The Cast

The Royalty of Paragon

    Azim, Shah of the Cytreen Empire     Otto, Emperor of Rubia     Aelfrida, Queen of Moonstone    

The Nobility

    Askar, Orl of Hawk's Eye     Aelbirt, Count of Brighthelmstone      

The Tawma Line Party

      Denniel, Duke of the Tawma Line, Ambassador of the Rubian Emperor     Itzak, his son     Rufus, a retainer    

The Three Princes

    Dharman, Sudun & Tariq, princes of Cytreen and Ambassadors of their father, the Shah.    

The Brothers of The Faith

    Pavel Zurkon & six monks  

Hawk's Eye

    Maddy McAuley, landlady of The Kraken's Wake   Meg, her niece   Kayla, her daughter   Kathy MacLee, a servant   Einar, a servant   Padraig Howley, a Teller   Lady Augur, a mysterious traveller   Minnow, her companion

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