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In a world of violence and mayhem, where continental patriarchies struggle to maintain control and plague claims as many souls as religious conflict: A young Queen of a remote isle has proclaimed herself an Empress. Whether the rest of Paragon's power-players wish to murder, marry, worship, or destroy her: One thing they can't do is ignore her.   Aelfrida has inherited a patchwork realm of fractious duchies and rebellious barons. The coasts are raided by Vikings, while the Church, rotten and corrupt, exerts its power from across the seas.   Deep in the oceans, ancient terrors break the surface of the waves and prey on those bold enough to journey across the water. While in the deep of the forests; faerie folk lead unwary travellers astray; stealing them away to the land that lies on the other side of sleep.   Small wonder then, that the people of Paragon love to listen to its legends from the safety of the fireside. From the Saphyran islanders; struggling to keep their independence, to the noble courtiers of the Empires of Rubia and Cytreen: All thrive on the Tales and revel in their telling.   The Tellers themselves–charismatic adventurers who spread the new tidings and keep the ancient legends alive–are treated with something close to adoration, but as Meg is about to learn: One Teller's truth lights the fire beneath another's lies.

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