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The Perrenial

The short existences of many races in the world of Orr are not unlike mayflies compared to the Perennial races. Sometimes referred to simply as Demihumans, the Perennial are long lived, in some cases even immortal, and thus their societies are far more actualized and entrenched in deeply rooted traditions and cultural norms. Due to their longevity, the Perennial races do not experience the same urgency to procreate their species and thus as the ages have winded on their numbers in the world of Orr have dwindled.  





  The Dwarven peoples of the world of Orr are a steadfast race whose natural habitats among the deep caverns and chiseled holds of the world's mountains have given rise to very intricate and deeply seeded societies that welcomes outsiders into its midst while also warning them to not intrude upon their long held traditions. Dwarves are exceptionally long-lived, their average lifespan ranging from three to six-hundred years and in some rare cases as old as eight-hundred.  

The Dwarves of Orr adhere to a extremely strict caste system with one's station in life clearly defined by lineage, which the Dwarves keep elaborate and meticulous records of. A craftsman is expected to teach his children his trade and pass to them his skills, knowledge and holdings, likewise is a queen expected to pass her abilities of statecraft to her heirs.

"The mountain does not want for new fields to rest its stones."
— Dwarven expression

  Naturally inventive, Dwarves often give thanks and honors to the Endless, Baltizan, for gifting them with ingenuity and the long years of their life to pursue their endeavors. Other Endless that often gain the appreciation of Dwarves are Tybrus for his temperament and for his domains which are very comparable to the great mountains where the Dwarven people build their homes, and to the Endless Anser for the secrets which their technology and inventions often unravel.   The race of Dwarves originates in the northern reaches of the continent of Oerth, in the realm of Drin and possibly from Mt. Orromundus, the site of King Drin's Runes of Eternity. A dwarven hold or keep is called a Vahl and often is comprised of thirty sublevels, with each level belonging to a different caste. The physical features of the Dwarves vary from region to region but generally they stand between four and fight feet tall. Both male and female Dwarves grow facial hair and are of very similar builds, and perhaps this curious symmetry between their sexes is why Dwarves often refer to themselves with gender-neutral pronouns such as "They" rather than strictly masculine or feminine pronouns.  


  The most distinguished of the Perennial and the most diverse in terms of species and cultures are the Elves (or Mer) of Orr who are native to nearly every region of the world. The Endless, Varrisia, is most commonly associated with the Elven peoples for their near immaculate beauty, and passionate societies.   There is a great variance in Elven culture, custom and physical appearances but some of the more well characterized Elven societies include:  

Elysium Elves

The southern Elves of the continent of Oerth are perhaps the most prolific Elves in the modern era. Many centuries of working, living and even copulating with humans has diluted and in some cases even erased their races' more prominent customs and traditions. This appropriation of cultures is no accident as the Elysium Elves splintered from the Saturnine Elves of Dalair to form the nation of Iskandar, a quest that would have ended in despair had the Elysium Elves set upon it without the aid of men. Because their cultures have become so intermixed over the many millenia, the Elysium Elves welcome and celebrate Half-Elves among their kind. An Elysium Elf, or Sun Elf, is easily distinguished by their sun-baked, dark brown skin and bright, wheat gold hair. The lifespans of the Elysium Elves has been quickened due to their interbreeding with humans, many of them living only twice the span of a human life.

Elysium Elf


Saturnine Elf

Saturnine Elves

Sometimes referred to simply as Star Elves, the Saturnine Elves are the eldest of the races of Mer and their traditional home is the realm of Dalair. The Saturnine Elves possess very pale, almost moontouched skin, and dark hair. While the Saturnine Elves have experienced appropriations of culture similar to their Sun Elf counterparts, they've gone to greater lengths to preserve many of their traditions and cultural aspects as well as possess a general disposition of disgust for Half-Elves which are seen as affront to their heritage and way of life. The Saturnine Elves are virtually immortal, perishing from the world of Orr only by acts of violence or disease. Because their traditions are so deeply rooted and they are reticent to interbreed even with other Elves, the physical features of the Saturnine have become so homogenized that they are nearly indistinguishable from one another, even to the eyes of their own people. Thus, a cultural aspect of their society is the adornment of elaborate masks, costume-like attire and heirloom jewelry.


Woad Elves

Primal hunters serving ancient and dark powers. The Woad-Elves are the precursors to the Drow, or the Dark Elves, of the Underdark. Living in the cold, frozen wastes of the far north and the isles of Aardwulf, these tribalistic Elves hold a venomous hate for outsiders and will drive them from their lands or hunt them for sport. Cannibalism and diabolism are cultural norms for the Woad who most often serve the forces of Sethex, Varrisia and Zalamund. The Woad Elves are disguishable by their nearly sky-blue skin and the ritualistic tattoos that denote their parent clans. Because they rarely mingle with the likes of outsiders, Woad Elves have a lifespan of nearly fourt-hundred years.

Woad Elf



  There still remains some deep speculation as to whether the race of Gnomes are in fact very inoculated outsiders to the world of Orr, or whether they had always been denizens of the Prime Material Plane as the vast majority of Gnomes can retrace their lineages to the ancient land of Oolicoon, a Fey civilization that once stood in the neutral territory of the Freelands after the events of the Catacylsm. Gnomes are not as commonly long lived as many of the other Perrenial, their average lifespans typically coming to close at nearly two-hundred years, but there are exceptional outliers with the eldest of their race living for nearly seven-hundred.  


  This understated variance of Gnomes is perhaps the only truly defining feature of their people, as they are a race whose customs and traditions are so widespread and have so many particular variables depending on the region in which they have settled that very little else connects one society from the other.   Gnomes that do form their own secular societies and settlements are generally welcoming to new arrivals. They're naturally hospitable beings, and often possess jovial temperaments. Gnomes enjoy playing pranks upon unsuspecting victims of their jests and have a natural affinity for illusionary magics that help them succeed in ruffling feathers and creating harmless mischief. Perhaps it is this reason that their often venerate the Endless twins, Mannec and Narsus. Flamboyant in nature, Gnomes are prone to dying their hairs in fierce and striking colors and wearing shocking or elaborate attire.

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