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Chaos Gem

And from the heart of the earth itself he drew up a stone. Liquid diamond it appeared, iridescent, shimmering with light and colors. Orlo gave the gem to the warrior, a balance in the power schemes as, for any magician, handling such a gem would be fatal.

Tales of Origins
by Fatespinner

Chaos stones are remnants or upcast from the chaos at the very center of Orlos. Although more prevalent in the underworld (which causes many changes in how magic works in this region), they can be found in small quantities on the crust, particularly in areas of significant volcanic activity. Although beautiful to look upon, the energies held within the gems can be destructive when brought to bear. If broken or handled by those with significant magical potential, as the name suggests, chaos is unleashed and anything could happen.

Triggering a Chaos Stone

To most people, a chaos stone will behave like any other stone. However, when brought in contact with magic or magical potential they can warp and bend the very laws of reality around them. Even the slightest of magical effects could trigger the release of the chaotic energy.

The most direct manner for this to be unleased is through casting a spell directly into the gem, something that will spark the chaotic power for all but the most experienced and controlled casters.

However, more indirectly, there are other ways to trigger their power. Spellcasters just carrying the stones are known to inadvertently release their magic into the gem over time and, when a threshold is reached, it triggers to energy's release. The longer the gem has been in the caster's possession the more likely and powerful this
by Arimel using Midjourney
power surge will be. Additionally, should the caster survive the chaotic burst, the may find that their magic is afterwards tainted with the gem's residual power.

Finally, magical attempts to destroy the gems have nearly always failed. Dispelling the chaotic magic triggers massive bursts of chaos from them. Bringing them into antimagic fields can empower, weaken, or burst the field itself with massive consequences.


Several different uses have been devised for the gems. The primary use is for ingestion. The stone's dust can be concentrated to create poisons that have a near 100% fatality rate for magicians and even non-magical persona react to the poison's contact. Others ingest small quantities of the substance in the hope that it will empower rather than weaken the spells that they cast. Such attempts have been known to both work and go terribly wrong.

Finally, chaos gems can be used to create a number of random chance magical items. Many gamblers use dice carved from chaos gems for it 'guarantees' the random nature of the item. Rods of Wonder, bag of tricks, and other items of chance have heightened power when imbued with chaos dust. However, such items are extra expensive due to the additional danger associated with their creation.
by Arimel using Midjourney

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Possible Effects of Tampering with Chaos Gems

800 gp for small gem
Iridescent milky white
Common State
Chaos Storms
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20 Jan, 2023 01:25

Really cool stone. I love all the uses you came up for going from drugs to gambling to magical uses. it's a very versatile stone and also a very deadly one.

Let's have fun creating the impossible, building new worlds, and all types of possibilities. Valcin