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Magnetite is a common material found throughout the universes in underground locations; the quantity of Magnetite differing from world to world. It's named for its magnetic abilities, which has seen a great variety of usage over the years.  

Physical Properties

Magnetite has a more dulled appearance than that of rose-gold, which already is a pinkish color. Due to its unique properties; when it's straightened out into bars through specialized machinery, it has a faint glow to it from the magnetic energy coming from it. Oftentimes magnetite has to be stored in areas surrounded with Nu-Metal insulation. When it is melted, it takes on a blue glow in its molten form; which still emits a magnetic field despite being melted.   Magnetite is also unique in that it has two states that alternate depending on if it's been hit with an electrical charge. While it is heavily magnetic, its magnetic poles can be flipped around when it is hit with a huge burst of electrical energy. For example, when Magnetite is melted, depending on the electrical charge it has, it can either allow metals to float above the surface of it's molten form, or it can attract all magnetic metals towards it.


Geology & Geography

Magnetite is generally found deep underground, requiring deep underground mining operations to take place in order to find it. For one reason or another, Magnetite seems to exist in multiple universes in different amounts of quantities. On Earth, it becomes increasingly common the deeper you go into the rocky ground.

History & Usage


Magnetite was discovered in 1945 by the Deepcore Foundation, in the Chelburg mining zone. There were a few accidents as the material was being obtained, such as pickaxes sticking to the Magnetite or drills being repelled away from the metals, but after it was discovered that an electrical charge can change the polarity of the metals, it didn't take long for miners to begin harvesting the ore in full.

Everyday use

Nowadays, Magnetite is a common tool used for purposes both recreational and industrial. It has gained a usage in the advancement of Mount Tech and Power Glove technologies over the years, allowing them to reach such heights as being able to grab heavier objects and lifting things up with less issue. People have taken to using Magnetite in propulsion technology, allowing the development of railguns for military application. On the stranger side of the industry, the Deepcore Foundation had been experimenting with a rail-based system for delivering mail in the 60s and 70s, which was shut down after too many on-site deaths. In the 80s, a rail system that was dubbed the 'MAG-TRAIN' was developed, being used throughout America and other countries, quickly allowing people to get across the country with ease. When an Edenite gem is placed in proximity to Magnetite, it empowers the Edenite with the Elementia of Magnetica.   For those who have managed to gain access to Magnetite, people have used it for various art projects, including the creation of hovering statues and globes of the earth. There have been dozens of attempts to create hoverboards using Magnetite, though the results have varied. A common issue that arises from being in areas with heavy amounts of Magnetite, especially in underground regions or in the industrial area, is Magnetic Poisoning Disease; which can be lethal if left untreated.
Rose-Golden Gray
Melting / Freezing Point
1650 C | 3002 F
Common State
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