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January 3rd, 2020

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You have many worlds ahead of you, my student. Locations unlike anything you've seen here. I've been able to see every inch of these worlds, before I was cast away into this one. I want you to see what I saw when I was younger... And when you do, I can only hope you take a different path in life than what I had.
  Omniverse is not just one world, but rather multiple universes all connected together. Nine sets of worlds, connected through various means, each with their own history.   The time spent by those in these worlds is shaped by the fate of those who came before them. Even in the vast reaches of space, a story can be found. Let us learn together of these worlds, of the stories belonging to so many; of love disastrous; of dreams and hopes fading and burning; of the many lives and deaths of the worlds of Omniverse.  
  Welcome to OmniVerse, a project I've been wanting to do for a long, long time. It's the culmination of various ideas I've built up over the years, the end result being a massive story spanning several worlds. It's something I hope people will be able to enjoy and take something from when they read it.   To support this, feel free to spread the word of OmniVerse! If you wish to help me monetarily, subscribe to me on my Patreon! If you wish to chat about OmniVerse and various other projects I am working on, click the big blue discord button down below!   To begin reading, either click one of the books down below or head down to the article below to get a bit more information about the universes, as well as pick whichever one you want to go to!  
The Outside
Geographic Location | Jan 10, 2021

The Outside is all that is outside each and every universe, where thousands upon thousands of universes can be found...