The tiny gnomes can be found in many different places in the world. Their main drive tends to be their curiousity with the living things of the world, making it very common for them to spend a lot of time with other races and species, both intelligent and not.  



Forest Gnome

  The oldest kind of gnome, the forest gnomes originated from a clan of wood elves. They have a particular fondness for creatures in the wild. They can often be found in small adventuring parties, travelling through undiscovered lands.  

Rock Gnome

  Rock gnomes tend to be more structured, preferring a more scientific study of life. They often settle down in cities, either setting up a laboratory for their studies, or preferring to investigate the inhabitants of the city.  

Deep Gnome

  Despite being associated with gnomes, deep gnomes have developed independently from the other subraces. Instead of stemming from the wood elves, these gnomes have evolved from drow in the underdark, where most of them still live to this day.

Basic Information


Gnomes resemble their ancestors, the elves, but are much shorter. Their pointy ears are larger, and their eyes even bigger than elvish ones. Their heads and hands are also disproportionally large, giving them a childish look to many other races.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Humanoid Lisseros
500 (Verillantin calendar)
Average Height
0,9 - 1,2 meters (3' - 4')

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