The elves are humanoids that have evolved to have particularily long lives, some living up to millennia. Because of their long lives, the elves have little patience for planning the little things in life, and can often rush into things. However, this does not mean they are careless. They know that if they mess something up, they have to live with it for a long time. Many elves see it as their duty to use their long lives to guide other races, but most find the mindsets of those with shorter lives incompatible with their own. This has led to a lot of the elves keeping to themselves and not interacting much with the outside world.  



High Elves

The high elves are the least reclusive of the elves. They are on average slightly taller and paler than other elves, as they have the least mixed blood.  

Wood elves

The wood elves are the shortest of all the elves, their bodies having adapted to a different diet out in the wilds. Despite the name, not even half of the wood elves live in forests. Those are simply the ones other races encounter the most. In fact, most wood elves live in mountainous areas, often in close proximity of gnomes and dwarves, other long-lived races.  


Even more reclusive than the wood elves, the drow live in the vast cavesystems of The Underdark. Drow are a rare sight on the surface, the sunlight being very unpleasant to them. In addition, almost all of them live in a single society with very strict rules, giving them very little freedom to go explore the overworld even if they wated to.  


While most of the races on Omeria have evolved from humans, the eladrin are the results of science and magic combined. Legend says that long ago, a Dragon was tired of its servants dying whenever its friends came over to visit. In order to fix this and keep intelligent humanoids as its servants, it decided to mutate them so that they could survive the dragons' breath weapons. While the experiment produced the eladrin, it failed in the eyes of the dragon. The process gave the eladrin a magical ability to adapt themselves, just not quite the way it had hoped. Eladrin tend to be shunned by other elves, looked upon as freak experiments. This leads to them usually sticking with their own far away from any other civilization, or settling in more mixed societies.

Basic Information


Elves are pretty similar to humans in appearance, but are on average about a head shorter. They also have very distinct pointy ears, and their eyes tend to be slightly larger than that of humans.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Genetic Descendants
Scientific Name
Humanoid Veitate
750 years (Verillantin calendar)
Average Height
1,4 - 1,8 meters (4'5" - 5'9")


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