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The Swan

The Swan was a fishing vessel (Pink) based out of Baford. Famed only for its disappearance by association with Christopher Saxton, whose father was the ship's navigator.   Fate
The crew mutinied during an extended fishing expedition after their captain ordered them to return to port (despite a poor catch). Under the direction of Christopher Saxton's father, the crew pushed into deeper waters and successfully filled their holds. Unfortunately the vessel capsized on its return trip during a heavy storm and all 35 remaining crew members joined their deposed captain at the bottom of the sea.   The remnants of the vessel and its crew can be found on the ocean floor northeast of Baford. The bones and non-decomposing remains of 31 crew members are scattered over a wide area surrounding the wreckage. The main body of the ship has settled (inverted), its three snapped and sprawled to one side. Most of the sails and rigging has deteriorated over the years with a few tattered remnants spookily writh in the gentle oceanic current. Within the hold, seven skeletal remains are suspended from the ceiling (formerly the floor) ensnared by thin ropes lashing each to the nearest fixture.   The location can used as the lair or part of the territory of Ethyl Mucklucker (Sea Hag).


Weapons & Armament

One Ballista (forecastle)
One Mangonel (main deck)
Complement / Crew
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
200 tn

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Author's Notes

Worldbuilding Advent Calendar 2020 - 18 / 31

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