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Meascthóir Mianach

(Dutch) The Mines of Marhelbore

For the deepest rejects of society, there is no greater punishment than the Isle of Marhelbore. No escape is possible from the trecherous waters of without risking certain death. Marhelbore is the only significant settlement on the island and it serves more captives than it does citizens.   For those of you who are desperate for entertainment and relaxation in the pits of hell, one crafts their own. For those of you that are already here, welcome!   We have the finest entertainment the Isle of Marhelbore offer. It's hot. It's dark. We only offer house brew. It's homemade and it inflicts blindness. If you don't like it, then leave. If you open your gams to any of them good-doers working for the Company, we'll open your throat just as easily before you even think of finishing your sentence.   Deep in the secret places of these cracks and caverns is the darkest, most sensual psycho-sexual rave scene the world has to offer. The bass hum is deep. The waves bounce strongly off the rocks here. Their direction is irrelevent. All you know is the beat. Thrum. Thrum. Thrum. .... Thrum. Thrum. Thrum.   Every hour of every day in the abandoned shaft of 286-B, those that work the earth unseen can blow of steam, away from the prying eyes of their oppressors. It is hell here. We will die here but we will make the best of it. For those we left behind we slave. Strike after strike. Pound after pound. Our picks strike and our shovels dig. The light of day I will surely see but the hills of yore I'll never see.

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