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Løp av Jernbåtfolket

(Norwegian) Race of the Iron Boatpeople

Every four years a spectacle of sport follows the Tjenerenssjøvei from Dverghjem to Winham. A grueling keelboat race challenges three-person crews to race along the coast covering 640 miles in under nine days.


The keelboat race originally started as a competition between the ship builders of Dverghjem, Helsoynes, and Hogeve to outfit the initial fleet of the Barnema Trade Company.   The race grew with the expansion of the company and Tjenerenssjøvei. Each additional city-state hoping it could supplant its predecessors as home of the best shipbuilders and crews.   The competition continued for years as a proving ground for new designs and ideas, fueled by political posturing and the Barnema Trade Company.   The transition to keelboat races happened after the company settled in Winham, racing large cargo transport vessels was deemed unnecessary.


All keelboats are manned by three-person teams. Each team member rotates between rowing, navigating, and sleeping to effectively race 24 hours/day.   The race starts in Dverghjem and concludes in Winham. Large celebrations take place in each city on the first and last days of the race.   There are no interim checkpoints or established course. The only rules are be the first to arrive in Winham, don't get towed by larger vessels, you can't change out team members for any reason, don't attack or sabotage other competitors, and always stay within sight of the coast (exempting fog and other weather related phenomena).
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Author's Notes

Worldbuilding Advent Calendar 2020 - 27 / 31
  The race's names is a reference to Ironman Triathlons.

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