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The false oasis

Describe a predator in your setting with an unusual killing method   "The water was so placid, i knew that if I was able to just reach it that I would be okay. Then I looked down and I saw that their was an impossible pile in the pool. I saw numerous coins, jewels, and metal objects. It looked almost as if someone had crashed a treasury cart into the pond. I decided that I would take care and used my empty canteen to retrieve the water. Am I glad I did. While I got my water, a Saber Raptor seemed to dive and miss a smaller bird and hit the water. The I took no note of it at first, thinking that the bird would get out. I was shocked as I had started to drink when I saw that the bird was being pulled deeper, and struggling, its feathers and other features discoloring swiftly. I backed away from the pool realizing that all I would take was the canteen of water."
The Tale of Tom Chandril
The false oasis is a giant ooze. It is able to provide the moisture that plants need with little issue, but will usually pull any creature into it that comes close. The false oasis breaks down every part of the body and bones, though crystalize materials tend to survive. So at the bottom of the "pool" is often covered with amazingly polished metallic objects and stones. Some of them are intelligent enough that they can act selectively. Allowing some to drink safely and engineering situations where other creature fall on only to never come out of the pools.

Basic Information


the outside of the ooze is actually cool and potable water, the mass near the center is used to consume the prey.

Genetics and Reproduction

The false oasis after it consumes enough will split and wonder to a new location.

Ecology and Habitats

The false oasis is prone to living in the desert, though it can survive in mountains and other areas that are suitable to having isolated pools of water.

Additional Information

Average Intelligence

Animal intellect, though some are intelligent enough to learn that if they allow some beings to drink without attacking that more come.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

tremor sense.
55 years
Conservation Status
The false oasis is often left alone if they are found, though sometimes they are driven off to acquire the immense wealth that can lay beneath them.
Average Height
About 10 feet
Average Weight
74274.0996 lbs
Average Length
15 feet
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
like clear, clean water.

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