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The Brazen Head

The brazen head serves the best-brazed deer I have ever had, it melts in your mouth and can be cut by the flat of the knife. The flavor of the meat was magnificent.    The Brazen Head is the finest pub on level 17 of the city of Belithir. It gets its name from an enchanted brass figurehead that stands in the center of the room. The figurehead is named Jeckle. Jeckle is intelligent and has the ability to change shape, though it retains its brass. The Brazen Head is owned by a retired Aasimar monk Irsiri who once served alongside a Mage, whose name they refuse to reveal. The Brazen Head specializes in brazed meats, tea, blessed alcohol(Wines, mead, and Stout Ale), and smoked foods. Irsiri is a no-nonsense woman who will throw a drunk out if needed. She actually is a favorite of the local dwarven population.

Purpose / Function

A Pub that sells food and drink. It has several rooms that are sound dampened to allow for private dining.


The Brazen Head has a central room with a open floor plan, the upper levels are balconies effectively that open onto the main floor. The private rooms are off the main areas. There is a large kitchen in the back of the building and has a smoke house off the back of it.


There is a front entrance, a back employee entrance, and emergency escapes on each side of each level.

Sensory & Appearance

The smell of smoked meats permeates the building.


Irsiri is the only person who lives here though there are sleeping quarters for cooks, due to the rotations requiring them to come in early.

Contents & Furnishings

Tables, chairs, a few game boards, and cooking equipment. Various Alcoholic beverage storages.


Jeckel is likely worth nearly as much as the Pub and everything in it.

Hazards & Traps

Irsiri is quite dangerous if annoyed.


Irsiri added a small lounge in the back with game tables that can be rented for games such as go, and chess.


a three-story pub in the mediteranian style.


Sound proofing, with a built in fire suppression system.


The previous owner a Dwarf named Duncan sold the Brazen Head to Irsiri after coming into a new position in his clan as the Oathkeeper. Duncan had run the Head for nearly as long as it had been here, though he is unsure where Jeckle came from. He told Irsiri that he thinks it was left as a prank.


The shapeshifting intelligent statue does draw a crowd, the excellent food and drink keeps them coming.
Founding Date
Parent Location

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