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Spithre (Spi-tha-ray)

The Spithre are a species of humanoids, that are related to spiders. They ore able to assume a hybrid form that is still mostly humanoid, shapeshifting to gain additional legs. They are know for producing quality woven silks, and having a natural talent in the art of alchemy, devising amazing poison and improbable tincture and elixirs. They tend to live in small villages in difficult to reach locals, such as cliff faces or high treetop villages. Males are rarely seen in their villages and often only the young and very old. The males often travel in from late adolescence unto late middle age, both to earn an income and to gather strange and rare gift for those back home.


Shared customary codes and values

The community comes first. Males are to act to support the community through travels. Outsiders who visit are held in high esteem for being able to reach them. Those who violate guest rights are to be punished fiercely.

Common Dress code

Silks everywhere in the form of shawls and scarves and bandanas, leather belts are also worn with pouches and bags attached.

Art & Architecture

Woven tapestries with beautiful mosaics are favored art. Buildings have strange ingresses because of the common ability to climb any surface, which does lead to funny mishaps with guest that lack this ability. They keep rope ladders and other such objects around to help guest.


Beauty Ideals

Smooth curves and sharp edges are favored for the appearance, can range beyond this. Female tend to be tall and powerfully feminine, and males tend to be short and strongly built. Females have been know to find dwarves interesting... And males find female Orcs very interesting often as well.

Gender Ideals

As a highly sexually dimorphic species the lines are of delineation clear.

Courtship Ideals

Males looking to court will bring money and rare or strange items to gift. Females that are interested, will offer to begin the courting, but either side can pull out at any time for any number of reasons. If both sides like each other, they will continue to court until such a time as things "progress". If they have children, the father stay in village longer, and cares for the mother and children working around the village. Once they have reached an age that is capable of helping around the town the father will leave for longer stretches. Marriage is rare but is a powerful commitment rarely broken even unto death.

Relationship Ideals

Bonds forged are important and oaths given are even more so.

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