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There is nothing more wonderful than the birth of a new child. A new life is always to be celebrated and the closeness between parents and their children are the most worthy of feeling. A new life that is separated from its creator is a sad thing. The need for orphanages is the saddest of all. That extended family are able to or choose not to seek such children is terrible.
Elven thoughts on the nature of children
Pregnancy is the condition in which a typically female member of a species is gestating a new life within them. It can have different time spans based on the species and can be dangerous to the health and wellbeing of both the new life and the carrier. Pregnancy causes an increase in the consumption of nutrients and causes an imbalance of hormones. There are many societal traditions related to pregnancy.

Transmission & Vectors

Sexual contact, though some old stories speak of the gods being able to induce pregnancy through either immaculate means such as rain or a word.


The union of ovum andĀ spermatozoa after either natural or artificial insemination.


Mood swings, increased weight(mostly temporary), hormonal imbalances, nausea, and other symptoms.

Affected Groups

Typically physically mature individuals below the elderly category, though no accounting for magic.


The preventative measures can include chemical means or introducing barriers to prevent the union of ovum and spermatozoa.


Through intercourse

Cultural Reception

Depending on the society can have many reactions, some would force a marriage between the participants, others would punish the act if it was prior to marriage, and some societies would not care.

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