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Asyranmel (A-si-ran-mil)

A small enclave of drow have colonized the southern most regions of the Chenga Mountains. They actively use their tunnels to trade materials from under the mountains with the south. The reason why they decided to expand the settlement here is they found a source of magically attuned gems of exquisite quality. The drow have been attempting to make a trade alliance with the dragons in Dawn's Spike. They have found one rather unique gem that has an interesting property, they call it the heart of the void, it take the form of a 1 lbs or 2267.962 ct black diamond that radiates a aura of that is cold at night and hot during the day. The chips and flakes of the stone retain the quality. The people of the town are rapidly increasing, due to the interesting materials that are being mined. The dragons have set observers over the settlement to allow them to evaluate if the drow are worth contacting.


forty five percent drow, twenty percent human, fifteen percent orcs, ten percent deep gnomes, four percent goblins and kobolds, and two percent of miscellaneous.


The town is run as a matriarchal council. The current head of the council is Felynda Blaerorgh with elections held every ten years.


Situated in a natural cave that has been modified to allow for hidden rooms and homes, there are illusions in place to prevent notice. They sadly have not worked for the drow but the dragons are taking a wait and see approach.

Industry & Trade

Underground caravans use tunnels and in some places subterranean rivers to travel swiftly into and out of the area.


One hundred and thirty seven million in gems that have not been exported, two hundred and twenty million gold, and assorted tools suitable to mining.


Designed to fit into the natural styling of the caves currently. If they can secure an alliance with the dragons or at least ensure a nonaggression pact.

Natural Resources

Gem stones of varying values, edible and poisonous mushrooms.
Founding Date
Large town
Location under
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization

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