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"These machines we call Ætherknight are the pinnacle of magically amplified technology that we can make in this era. Each one is handcrafted and each component is intricately inlaid with arcane circuitry and runic engraving to allow each piece to operate in conjunction with each other component. In terms of manpower hours, a Ætherknight is more costly to build than a destroyer, but each one empowers a mage to the level that they are able to fight through near any foe. The machine itself is powered by the mage piloting it, and the pilot can wield all their magic through the suit."
An excerpt from a lecture on Ætherknights   Archmage Teria Kalena, P.H.D
A highly advanced hybrid of technology and magic. This combat machine amplifies the power of the magic of its pilot and can even allow the pilot to cast even beyond the normal capabilities of the pilot. They are deployed rarely and even fewer are made in the current day. Some have claimed that the Ætherknights should be set as a last resort only due to the connection to Aytera.


A powerful tool for the channeling of magical energy, it amplifies magic that is channeled through it and allows the pilot to augment their magic with magic from the surroundings.


Handcrafted with intricately carved and engraved runic arrays. Parts are meticulously crafted to minimize faults in the materials. One in ten potential parts is rejected and recycled.

Social Impact

The existence of similar suits is part of why Aytera is now isolated. They are only deployed in situations where the potential impact of their use is likely to cause minimal harm by comparison.
Children Technologies
Transorbital Flight    Ætherknights are capable of unassisted transorbital flight and can safely return from orbit unaided. It achieves orbital flight through arcane gravity manipulation. The secondary drive can use arcane energy for RCS-assisted flight using ports on the shoulders, feet, and hands. On reentry, the Ætherknight can deploy a wide area arcane shield to slow reentry.
Eras Stormforge, an archmage who was involved in a golem project initially. He decided that he could take the ideas of the arcane craft of golemmancy and advancements in armor technology. From there he decided to integrate materials that would allow him to cast magic easily.
Access & Availability
Extremely limited artifice level machines. Handcrafted by experts in arcane inscriptions and material sciences. There are less than one hundred in service, and only twenty are currently without a pilot.
Takes an extremely skilled team of craftsmen to properly build one of these and repairs require a craftsman of similar skill to repair.
The data pertaining to the discovery of the data to create Ætherknights(former classification redacted) has been lost, it is believed that the data is on the planet Aytera in the Thania System.
Height   16 - 23 feet tall   Weight   8 - 21 tons   Max Speed   land speed 65 MPH   Flight speed 675 MPH

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