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Tangaroa Tribe

Of the four halfling tribes, the Tangaroa are the most mobile. Actually, they have never inhabited an island, or the mainland: instead, they live in "ship villages" that never stop moving. From island to island, from creek to creek, from bay to bay, the Tangaroa live as sea nomads. This way of living has made great merchants of the Tangaroa, but has given them quite a melancholic tone in their tales. While other tribes tell stories of eternal glory or never-ending adventure, the Tangaroa told stories which say that everything is transient. Nothing in this world is made to stay.   This fact is so unrooted in their culture that Tangaroas never accumulate possessions: it is said that robbing a Tangaroa is like robing the air.


Common Customs, traditions and rituals

EVERYTHING PASSES, NOTHING IS NECESSARY   For the Tangaroa, having material goods looks unnecessary. They value their travel stories above any other thing they might ever brung back from them.   Tribal Tradition rules: a Tangaroa character will always try to have the weight of their equipment under a maximum score that will be equal to the character Strength multiplied by 7. If the weight of the equipment surpasses that limit they will be incurring in a violation of this Tradition and they will risk to become Tainted

Subracial traits:   Ability score increase: your Wisdom score increases by 1.   Tangaroas' orientation: Unless the Tangaroa character is underground, or there is a magic effect activated they cannot become lost. If the character is also a Ranger, they can resiste magic effects that make the character lost with his or her Proficency bonus. If they can already use their Proficency bonus to resist this kind of effect, they add it twice. After years of sea exploration and star mapping the Tangaroa had developed a keen sense for orientation.
Encompassed species

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