Numidius The Lingering Death

The Lingering Death

Metaphysical / Paranormal event


After nearly a century of fighting the Vintian Imperium forces have to resort to Necromancy in order to maintain their numbers. Corpses are raised by the thousands to withstand the numerous invasions and in some cases even to retaliate. The constant deaths and resurrections have led to many souls being left stranded on the prime material, bound by memories, objects and even locations.   Souls who left untreated, developed an unending hunger, haunting and killing Andorian and Vintian troops and citizens alike. While the specters were effective at holding the Andorians at bay, they also wrecked havoc in the northern parts of the Imperium.   A group of former necromancers, Named the Mortalitasi, have taken upon themselves to gather those souls and once every 7 years deliver them to Vintia, where they could be easily guided to the astral plane through the breach in the weave above the Darsal Sea. The ceremony, named Viam Mortis, has become an integral Vintian Imperium traditions and a core part of its culture.

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