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The Ponderium

The Ponderium is a demiplane located inside the Otherwhere. It serves as the home of The Ponderer and suspected to be the afterlife for his followers after death.


The Ponderium is an enclosed space made out of a series of connected rooms and chambers. Each of the chambers features different sets of properties, but reflect the memories of Ponderer. The center of the plane is a small tower also serving as the main hub connecting all the different rooms. Mortals who visit the Ponderium can rarely comprehand the realm's structure and are often limited to the center unless aided by greater beings.


The exact creation time of the Ponderium in unknown, but speculared to be sometime during his escape. Regardless of its time of creation, the plane exibits traits of much more established planes, such as the strict adherance to the Primal Forces and a fixated center of mass. Select few individuals who visited the Ponderium, all being members of the Dragonguard and the Council of Dragons, report the demiplane to also have a fixated location in the otherwhere's space-time, thus making it predicatable for regular travel. This is in contrast to most others demiplanes which require compensation of teleportaion vectors to succesfuly enter them.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572
Plane of Existence
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