The Free City of Berri is the biggest trade hub in the Agaman Bay and one of the most powerful naval power on Edora.


The city state is run in a somewhat democratic practice. The city is governed by the 4 strongest, and wealthiest families; House Montelier , House Ferosi, House Devon and House Torrel. The four families, also known as the The Quadriad each present a person, usually their house leader, to become Arch Duke of the city. The candidates are then voted for by the any registered denizen of the city, who work in a guild-backed trade or under arcane or academical degrees.


The city lacks a wall and most of it faces the sea, but few would even dare face the Free Navy who docks at, and been commanded from, the city's harbors. In the case of a land invasion the denizens can flee to the tunnels and trenches dug into the The Clay Peaks. The hills provide cover and shelter and even allow to conduct guerrilla warfare on the besieging side.

Guilds and Factions

Berri is home to thousands of guilds, organizations and businesses. Some of the most famous to originate from the city are the Pacificatores, who oversee the peacekeeping and defense of the Free Cities and the FCC, who regulates it's trade. The four families in power split the city into factions, each supporting a different member of the The Quadriad.


Berri is over 1500 years. The city has been sacked and razed many times in the past by countless different figures, but was never conquered since being formed in 120 BC. It's location in the bay ensured the control of the Berrinians over the area and surrounding waters laying the foundation for the city to be turned into a major trade hub.  


In it's inception Berri had little way to perform trade, the city was freed from a Hobgoblin nation that ruled over the area and the former slaves did not manage to secure enough ships. Despite being land locked and under a naval siege, they would smuggle lumberjacks, woodworkers and carpenters through the tunnels and into the forests that are now the Long Coast. Those smuggled out would chop a few trees and then smuggle them back into the city to be used for ships. Every piece of wood that was not deemed essential was confiscated for the purpose of building the city's first fleet, causing timber to be worth more than gold at some point.   The Berrinians built their ships inside the tunnels in small pieces as the shores where constantly raided by the Selgok navy. They would sneak under the cover of night, build their ships on shore and embark to raid the besieging enemy ship. They would often use the aid of Agam'an seamen to navigate the currents and surprise the hobgoblins. When the raid was completed, the boats would sail back to shore where they would be dismantled and stored inside the tunnels until the next raid. The tactic worked so well the cost of maintenance to the Selgok was so severe they had to pull the majority of their vessels out of the northern parts of the bay.

The naval trade

With the The Amarrisi Revolt
Current Date: 2nd of Latsum, 1572
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The Agaman Jewel
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The City of Four
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