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The Dragons Fly

General Summary

Farro and Krura talk to a dragon, Talaryn talks to his mom, and a bunch of dragons land in DMNeeds. The journey begins in this arc of Strange Land.  


  Part 1 / Part 2  


  Evitcani Okay now the recording is going for real. Uhm-   Tosha For realzies.   Evitcani Yeah. [sounds of typing] Let me just get Roll20 [mumble] to come back up. There it goes. It just has to show me some ads. Then I have to get WorldAnvil up... [sounds of typing] Alright. Everything just sort of went down when I had to restart.   Ali It's cool.   Evitcani Okay! The session is started. Um hopefully you guys have some more [dramatic pause] stuff. [long pause]   Ali You're gonna need to be more specific. [laughter]   Evitcani I don't even know what I'm saying right now.   Ali I'm trying to remember what was happening at the very end of the last session.   Evitcani Uhm--   Ali I know we were like getting ready to go.   Tosha Yeah, we were about to set off with Ren and--   Ali Mm hmm.   Tosha -- I forget the guy's name.   Evitcani Elia.   Tosha Yeah, I'm gonna write that down because I'm gonna forget it 500 times.   Evitcani Yeah, you guys were about to set off with Ren and Elia.   Ali Across the countryside.   Evitcani Elia went to go get supplies.   Lewis Yay.   Tosha I-- I should-- I should just make a NPC name list so I can know how to say everyone's names.   Evitcani I can put that on the corkboard?   Ali Also, I literally just like have a text document that I type notes into. So I'll just look at that. That is have open all the time.   Tosha I would love to read that one day just to see what sort of innane stuff we got up to.   All [Long talk about the week and games, nothing to do with D&D.]   Evitcani So! D&D.   Ali Yes. D&D!   Evitcani Okay.   Ali In which no seed will be spent.   Evitcani Well--   Tosha We'll get there eventually.   Evitcani Maybe. I don't know.   Ali [laughter]   Evitcani Listen! I let you guys do what you want for the most part.   Lewis That's true.   Evitcani And if you want to send some seed--   Lewis That's true.   Evitcani I'll figure out how to make you wish that you hadn't.   Ali Oh god.   Tosha What was that?   Ali That's Evit's way of saying you can fuck the monster but you might regret it later.   Tosha Well, I zoned out for like a second and then suddenly-- threat!   Lewis Talaryn's Mom is here! That would be very bad.   Ali Talaryn's mom definitely fucks.   Evitcani She has seven kids to prove it.   Ali Yeah, exactly.   Lewis Yeah, but I feel like Talaryn would be very squick about all of this.   Ali I know it's just very funny.   Evitcani [slowly] Yeah.   Tosha So what you're saying is we should bring this up at every possible opportunity.   Evitcani Hey! By the way! Your mom had sex to get you.   Ali [laughing] Yeah.   Evitcani Your mom and dad had sex   Ali [sadly] Yeah.   Tosha And that's how Talaryn never spoke again.   Lewis No, I feel like she's okay with that. I just feel like-- I just feel like things getting hot and heavy in front of his mom be weird for him.   Evitcani Oh god, yeah.   Ali It's very funny. Yeah that's fair.   Evitcani Yeah. Like-- like have you guys ever heard of The Tudors? I'm sorry tangential.   Ali Yes.   Evitcani Me and my mom were like, "Oh a historical drama! We both like historical dramas!"   Ali Nope. Nope.   Evitcani So we sat down to watch it together. The Tudors is an HBO show   Ali Have fun!   Evitcani If you want context for what the content was. We also did the same thing with Game of Thrones! Oh, look it's a fantasy drama! We like fantasy dramas!   Lewis HBO is really hard.   Evitcani Let's watch it together!   Ali [softly] Nope.   Evitcani RIP. And it was just the most awkward thing because my mom tries to be like, cool. My mom is cool but she tries specifically to be cool around me and my brother. She's like, "Hey do you want to go a strip club," and I'm like, "No mom I'm good."   Tosha What?!   Evitcani I'm not joking that's a conversation I've had with my mom.   Tosha [laughter]   Ali [softly repeating] Nope. Nope. Nope.   Tosha If my mom ever said that to me I think I would leave the house forever.   Evitcani Just never come back.   Ali Stand up and walk out.   Tosha Yeah, that's it. That's enough life for today. [laughter]   Evitcani God. Okay. Anyway oh-- D&D. Okay--   Tosha [laughter]   Ali Road trip! Time for a road trip!   Evitcani I have actually something uh. I was going to write it down. It was-- it was-- I won't lie. So I started a new medication this week.   Ali Mm hmm.   Evitcani And it's made sleeping very weird.   Ali Okay.   Evitcani I had this as kind of a dream and I woke up crying.   Lewis Geez.   Evitcani But! I had been thinking about how to characterize Ren better and her kind of complicated relationship with Talaryn and Talaryn's dad. So I kind of wanted to start out on that I didn't write it so [increasingly high-pitched nervous] just going to do my best to tell it as a story.   Ali Okay.   Evitcani Hopefully it'll get us back in the mindset of D&D.   Lewis Okay.   Evitcani So this was probably the night before you guys are about to leave. You guys approached Elia and Ren to leave. Elia and Ren are having a conversation in their room, Scarlett's not there and Elia is angry about Ren's treatment of Talaryn and even over all these years. I think Ren takes out a blanket from her traveling gear. Elia knows what it is immediately. It's been missing for a very long time, because when they separated, briefly, Ren took her wedding dress with her, and she didn't have anything else with her that was special when she had Talaryn.   She undid the seams and made it into a traveling sash to carry a baby. And Elia's not mad. He knows there are plenty of dresses, they can make new dresses, and this was the only time she would have been able to bring Talaryn home. She would only have gotten to bring him home once.   She kept it because she still hoped to bring him home.   Ali Well Farro doesn't know any of that so she still thinks that Talaryn's mom is an asshole.   Evitcani I know   Lewis Like this if you cry every tim.   Ali [laughter]   Lewis Oh, man. But-- But prepare to get taken on the feels train.   Evitcani Elia's gone out to get provisions. What are you guys doing, to kind of prepare?

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Elia Imai Carric, Rene Nadire Lyra

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Nabela the Dragon

Strange Land
Talaryn Hoarfrost
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