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The Flow of Oceans

Unith and Terse, known as the Twin moons, encircle Nova Terra. They take opposite shifts in their lunar cycles. Never have they in recorded history, been found full at the same time. Their proximity to one another makes it almost impossible to reflect light from the Great Star.   The moons cause the seas to act in two very distinct manners. When Unith is most full, the seas, oceans, and rivers are most calm, known as Coin Season. Coin Season runs from Maven to Disden (6 months). When Terse is most full, the bodies of water become enraged, known as Burial Season. There are reports of giant sea beasts that come away during this time. Burial Season runs from Grimander-Apren (6 months)   This shift in the tides forces fisherman and those who make money from the sea to choose their work carefully. Those who are crazy will attempt to catch the larger creatures that are awoken by the thrashing seas.


Unith, the left moon, is slightly larger than it's Twin. But Terse glows a shade of dull blue that Unith does not.


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