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Sol Conflict

A short war between the United Space Association (USA) and the corporations that formed NovaGate over accusations of tyranny

The Conflict


The build up was short with the USA believing that they could end it i weeks to 1 month and the corporations only having 60 to 72 hours to ready themselves


United Space Association 50,000 men, 750 ships   Mars Design and Fabrication 41,000 men 350 ship   Titan Cybernetics 16,000 cybernetic augmented men   The Hive Genetics and Integrated Intelligents 0 men 50 ships (all troop transport)


Mars, asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter


Complete surrender

The Engagement

the conflict that sprouted started with the USA striking the Factories of mars with all the forces of earth in belief that this would end it fast but MDF where planning for this and use all their resources to produce weapons and ship and moved them into orbit of Europa. Upon finding this happened the conglomerates Launch a counter attack with all the power they could muster but the USA also planned a blockade in the asteroid belt this drag on for 3 months ending in a white peace


The corporations lost their rights to colonize any more planets in the Sol System


NovaGate was founded and they activated the Novagate and jump what is now called Nova-Praxis

Historical Significance

Technological Advancement

The Gene Project and weaponized Singularity event generator
Battlefield Type
Start Date
Ending Date
Conflict Result
White Peace



All of earths men and wealth
Advanced technology and being spread out between three planets/moons


30,000 men 500 ships
40,000 men 250 ships


Cripple the Corporations
survive and to clear their names

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