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Blue Bonner

Boniver Ustus Trelain (a.k.a. Blue Bonner, or The Blue Devil)

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Large and muscular, and though he wasn't agile, he was also stable on his feet.

Apparel & Accessories

Boniver's nick name owes to his clothing: blue ide brimmed hat, blue over coat and scarf, and and blue pants.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born the son of whore in the free city of Boniver, the dionysian knew nothing but strife. His mother never even raised him, she abandoned him shortly after he was born, selling him to a trader from Tassiter, and was then sold to one of the many "labor orphanages" of Tassiter. Since he was given no name--which is common with labor orphanages--he gave himself the name of Boniver Ustus Trelain, and by age five he escaped the orphanage before he could be sold as a child laborer. Boniver's life only got worse from their, as years of living off of pety theft earned him the punishment of being drafted to fight against Torland in the third campaign. Years of hard fighting only hardened him, and once he came home he fell in with an outlaw gang, spending most of his days holding up stage coaches, robbing trains and banks, and killing innocent men and women. Finally in 1851 he was apprehended by the free marshals, and for his punishment he was first dragged to the ruins of Fort Onis for his real trial. Next he was hung, and then cut into four pieces, with his torso and legs hung in the towns that suffered the most from his actions--Grand Logan, Iron Mill, and Krandler--and his head was sent to his gang.


Boniver received no formal education, but he was an avid reader, and taught himself on most subjects.


Before joining the military Boniver worked a couple of odd jobs, usually menial work shoveling hay and cleaning horse stalls.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Not much can be said about his accomplishments--unless you wanted to count how many people he's robbed and killed--but he did receive a medal of honor for his time in the military, though his feelings toward that are bitter.

Failures & Embarrassments

His first kill outside the military, the one that led him on his dark path, was accidental, as he was being robbed by a gaggle of quarrelsome teens. He fended off his attackers, but killed one of them without meaning too, but his victim turned out to be the son of a great baron.

Mental Trauma

His time in the military left him bitter and broken, and this was made worse by his accidental killing, as the father of the boy he killed worked tirelessly to rig the trial, and bribed the court to ignore the fact that his son tried to rob Boniver. Further disillusioned with the system, he made a bloody escape from his jailers. Before this he only stole out of necessity, and this was still the case after his trial, but now it was fueled by a hatred towards society, and the rich in general.

Intellectual Characteristics

Years of self teaching gave Boniver book smarts alongn with his street smarts, and approached most situations with careful planning before committing to an action.

Morality & Philosophy

Boniver had a steal from the rich mentality, believing that one should take what they want with force, and believed law and order to be a shame, a shame made even worse by the rich, and that these institutions should be brought down with force.
Current Location
Date of Birth
5th of Morsu, 1794
Date of Death
24th of Tvindeir
1794 A.E. 1851 A.E. 57 years old
Circumstances of Birth
Born in a whore house in the free city of Boniver.
Circumstances of Death
Drawn, hanged, and quartered.
Boniver, Verte-Paysage
golden, deep set
Long and shaggy, same color as his fur
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Dark brown fur, curly

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