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Death's Mantle

A gift granted to only the highest worshippers of Navara. A source of power that rests upon the gifted skin becoming one with the person. It protects them like armor, only becoming visible when commanded or in times of sudden danger. This allows the gifted to remain in clothes that are beautiful or functional for reasons outside of battle.   Narava has only bestowed this on those who worship all her forms, both her beautiful, destructive and death faces. Many in large cities take to worshipping her beautiful nature, women of war her death face, and a small few worship her face of destruction. But only in rare instances are there those who worship all three of her faces.   Avana and Keturah are two of these Realmwalkers who worship all three faces. Avana through her two personalities finds joy in all three sides of the Goddess Navara. Both of them have been granted the gift of a Death Mantle.


The Death Mantle is a gift given to only true worshippers of Navara. It is her choice who receives it, keeps it, and dies to it.


While Death's Mantle is usually unseen, theres a few symptoms that can help one spot those gifted with it. The skin of the gifted will at times pulse black vine-like patterns across parts of the skin. This is rare and usually cased by sudden agitations to the gifted, like threats of violence or harm to things that the gifted holds close.


Death's Mantle can technically be cured. Other gods can cleanse the gifted if they have had a change of heart, but will usually require devotion from the gifted in exchange. All recorded instances of Death's Mantle though are to people who did everything in their power to keep the Mantle until death took them.


Death's Mantle extends the life of the gifted, both from natural and un-natural causes. Other diseases can't affect the gifted while the Mantle rests on their shoulders. Since it is a gift from the Goddess of Death, natural death as well is postponed until she is done with the aid of the gifted. Death's Mantle has many different states of being on the gifted. The two most often seen are its resting stage, in which is whispers aid to the gifted and awaits and watches for dangers that could harm the gifted. The other is the stage of armor, protecting the gifted in combat. Usually taking the visual appearance of black metal that covers the gifted's body. The armor protects key areas but allows for fluid movement.

Chronic, Acquired

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