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22nd Day, Stalking Month, Frost's 8th Hunt

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Norvaska is a large multi continent world. Most continents haven't interacted and thus any conflict has been small scale allowing each major society to grow in massive ways. But they are also shallow in diversity, as they have only had themselves to learn from. The main stories center around those who have major impact in each developing society and are the main reason those societies learn of other places, continents and people. Some are good people with great and helpful motives, others are evil who hide this new found information for their own gains.   The two main stories that are taking place so far are The Princess Thieves and The Hands of Gods. The first set of books focus on the Hands of Gods and there journey as individuals. How they became who they are and how as a group they took control of a entire region. By most standards the Hands of Gods are considered evil people. Their motives are selfish in nature and as a group they are destructive.   The Princess Thieves are a more neutral group. Looking to gather powerful artifacts and magic that could be used to bring destruction upon their world. It matters little who has them, if they plan to use it for good or bad, the Princess Thieves will steal it away and hide it among their vault. They have existed in the shadows for centuries. They are but a whisper to many and a rumor that is fading from the public mind. Though they do control much of the under world of knowledge. Brothels, thieves guilds, bounty hunting rings and even small tribes call many of the Princesses's their leader.   These stories connect in odd ways as sides class together and neither know where the other stands in the grand plan of the world. Who controls it all and why the world runs as it does are a mystery to even those who study the highest of powers. Gods themselves hold no answer to the question as they play games among themselves to control what they can.