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Meeting the Fey: Exiles Re-Entering the World

Taran's Travel Log:

Entry 1

Finding the Fey Village

  The Feys’ city was a week’s travel from Haulnia. Kamara and I were found by a pixie after crossing the riser that separates the boundary between the territories. The tiny twig creature led the rest of the way, navigating us through the forest. The trees were the same type of those that surrounded the outskirts of what remained of Haulnia. Though they did not provide the same kind of comfort they once had, as the leaves are dull and crisp rather than their usual vibrant greens.  

Entry 2

Entering the Fey Village

My tutors had taught me that the Fey were a shy breed, unwelcoming to intruders. Though we were not intruding, since we were escorted by one of their messenger Pixies’ that does not mean we were welcomed either. They were surprisingly unphased by the Pixie, like I had been, but were by us. They wouldn’t look either Kamara or I in the eye while we walked through their village. Their homes are made of mud, covered in moss--like I had hoped the remains of Haulnia would've been. They weren’t though, they were ashen, barren. These were not as lush as I had expected for the region that guards Mother, but it’s still green. The Overseer’s sanctuary was the only building made of stone. She is a soft-spoken female, who welcomed the late Chief's daughter warmly--and me by association. She did not have the answers we seek, though she did inform us that the Fey, the Dryad’s, Fauna, and Pixie’s are holding a meeting in a weeks’ time. We were invited to stay until then, in hopes of getting more information from them. Though, in return, Kamara and I are required to help with the preparations for the feast that is held afterwards--attended by all.  

Entry 3

Fey Region: The Preparations

We were given lodgings at the village’s tavern. With the permission of the Overseer’s, the Fey were much more friendly and open. When it came to the preparations, I have been helping gather the food for the feast. The group of hunters/hunteresses showed me how to properly fish and how to hunt with respect to the animals. They showed me how to spot the tainted animals, choosing those that show no signs of sickness but still are ready for their time to end. I guess that is an issue now, one that did not exist in the days of Haulnia. The foragers had to teach me which plants were now dangerous, some which had once been safe to eat. They also taught me how to more accurately gauge the clouds--though warned that there is no trustworthy source when it came to predicting weather, not anymore. They’ve been teaching Kamara how to prepare the catchings, using the herbs we foraged or the ones they grow. They’ve also shown her how to work with the plants--how to measure their needs and set up preparations for how to meet them or prevent the harsh contrasting weather. Even though we have been invited to the feast, we are not allowed to attend without the proper festivity garments. So the weavers have been showing us how to make them. They have a hut dedicated to housing giant silkworms. The weavers show how to coax the white silk from them and how to use it to make into fabric. Kamara is guided to make a long loose dress with a cape attached to the shoulders, a drastic change from her usual warrior leathers. She had no quarrels with giving up her trousers for a skirt. I, on the other hand, was not comfortable with giving up mine. Apparently it is common for males to wear dresses or skirts, especially to feasts or ceremonies. Thankfully the weavers were willing to adapt the design to make something that would be acceptable but would also allow me to wear trousers. So, the tunic I was guided to make has 2 panels that graze the floor, one in the front and one in the back--making it appear to be a dress but not an actual one. In the spare time that we had, the healers taught us improved versions of the potions the Mages’ had originally taught us. They had to adapt some of the ingredients with the unknown change that is happening to their region. They warned us to beware and to take certain herbs each day, in hopes to prevent sickness. They also taught us how to fight with a staff, instead of our swords--in case we were disarmed, and only left with a large stick to defend ourselves.  

Entry 4

Fey Territory: The Regional Meeting

Kamara and I were to wait in the hall until it was time for us to join the meeting. She paced, feeling disrespected by the idea of having to wait more after waiting for so many days. The Fey do everything in their own time and talk over every decision with their neighbors. They are a kind and considerate people, mindful of their decisions and how it affects the environment around them. It was peaceful, reminded me of my mother and her group of friends--they were mindful of their surroundings as well, as much as they could have been at least. When we were finally called into the meeting, we were summoned before the leader of each race that lived within the border. The Fey Overseer explained to the other leaders about our quest for answers, and they didn’t have many to provide. Instead, they provided a lead--the Harpies left the Supreme Counsel and were allies to the Shifters until we were, seemingly, wiped from existence. They regretted not having any solid answers, the Overseer offered to send us with a warrior trained in healing for the long journey ahead. Then the Dryad leader offered to send us with a translator, so we can talk to the pixies or fauna we may meet along the way. The Fauna and Pixie leaders agreed that they’d relay the message. All swore to secrecy, just in case. With that, Kamara and I left the meeting.  


Fey Territory: The Feast

Wine and music had greeted us when Kamara and I got to the feast. Food was not allowed until the leaders arrived, as they get served first--for genuine appreciation. It was heartwarming. A majority of the Fey were in the middle of the room, spinning and turning. I didn’t recognize the style of dancing, or the tune of the music. They were pounding on drums and plucking on a piece of wood, lined with six strings. I had forgotten to ask what it was called. The food was delicious, and the leaders ate while they smiled down on their folk. Another heartwarming scene, which was shattered for me when a female Fey--one of the huntresses--dragged me onto the dance floor. I struggled to follow along, until I was able to sneak out of the hut three songs later. The stars shone down, sparkling in the night, and the way cool breeze kissed my cheeks, was refreshing and grounding. With that, I went back to the tavern. When the sun rises, Kamara, our new tag-alongs, and I are beginning on our new journey.

Kamara's Observations

Ways of the Fey

  • Community > Individual
  • Works with other Communities: Pixies, Dryads, and Fauna
  • Knowledge > Power (Value Functional/Livable/Applicable knowledge)
  • Information/Trade > Warriors
  • Communicates/Reads Nature: In-tune with the environment and learned to read warning signs
  • Reserved to outsiders: Untrusting and timid of them
  • Guests, rather than being catered to, need to participate and give to the community in turn for them housing the guests. Hosted by others, rather than given own space.
  • Community Rec. Hall for meals
  • Unfamiliar edible vegetation
  • Agriculture
  • Clothing: Dresses, simple style. Minimal accessories [only worn by married people or officials]
  • Non-Materialistic: shows in possessions and clothing/appearance
  • Manners are important, formality is not
  • Dancing & Music


  • They hunt and forage for food. Though, this is done differently than what I was used to. With their knowledge of how to read the life around them, they are able to detect which resources to use and when without being harmful or greedy when it comes to the environment. It is all done respectfully and almost ceremoniously.
  • The terrain is that like of my homeland, aside from some of the more mystical characteristics that are common amongst the Fey lands. It made the continuing adjustment to being above ground much easier to be in a similar space to my early childhood--from the before.  
  • Their leaders are highly respected, like our own Cheif was. If I dare so, even more so. They have a genuine love for their overseer.
  • The village is in the middle of a clearing, which allowed us to say our graces to the Stars who guide us each evening.

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