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Nivid is a world in which the people have deemed the Divine had abandoned. After they retreated from public view, said to have left behind their active duties to their creations, the folk were put in a position to rise up and take charge. Each race went from a nomadic lifestyle to settling into the perspective territories they had divided. To settle disputes about leadership and hierarchy, the majority came to an agreement that each region and race got to decide how they wanted their system to work. After much debate, each group nominated who they thought would be best to oversee their new communities and manage the logistics of their newly formed settlements. Their jobs were to look out for the rest of their people and keep peace with the other nations. In order to do so, each leader from the territories would come together--as they saw fit--to discuss international relations. This formed what would later be called the Supreme Council.  After many generations of peace, the purity and sanctity of the position and formations started to decay as the original promise became forgotten. Greed and envy began to taint the communities, resulting in discourse between certain races and nations--thus poisoning them against one another. With the Supreme Council fracturing, it forced them to pick sides. The varying Elven races and Humans formed one faction. The other being the Shapeshifters, Harpies, and Mages. Meanwhile, the Fey--who had formed a community with the Dryads, Fauna, and Pixies--tried their best to remain neutral in the other conflicts. When the Elven and Human group tried to start a war with the Mages, the Fey (and the overseers of the other races in their community) decided to retreat from the Supreme Council and banished those who sought to create such chaos--rather than following the peace and healing they were responsible for. With their retreat, and the aftermath of the loss of resources caused for the other group, they decided it was time to strike. As their armies marched toward the Mage territory, the Shifters caught wind of the plan to attack their allies and warned them. So when the forces arrived, prepared to cause destruction, they found all the settlements empty. This was the world our main characters, Kamara and Taran, were born in. Shortly after the disappearance of the Mages--their closest allies--, it left the divide in the Supreme Council unbalanced. The Elves became suspicious of the Shapeshifters, fueling their disdain for them and adding more preposterous rumors and stereotypes to already the misunderstood group. Feeling threatened by their abilities, and the potential power they were theorized to have, the group decided that the Shifters would be their next target. There were no warnings, no time to call for help, as their region's capital was set ablaze. Taran's mother gave him no choice but to survive, as she shoved him through their home's small window--after the fire crept through their only other exit. His last memory of his mother was her yelling through the space for him to run, to leave her since she wouldn't fit--to live. Meanwhile, Kamara and her parents [the Cheif and Chieftess of the Shifters] managed to make it out of their home in one piece. Upon seeing the chaos of their city, they told their only living heir to run to a designated meeting spot, just outside the city, while they tried to save other citizens. She waited for them for days, but they never came. It wasn't until a Pixie appeared that she finally left the spot, taking her to the Tree of Knowledge in the Mage territory. There, it guided her through a series of secret tunnels until she wound up at the Mage's underground bunker. The Mage Chancellor, deciding to honor the bonds of their allyship with the Shifters, took her in to wait until the day it would be safe for her to leave. It was there, that she discovered another Shifter child had made it out and had been guided here--Taran. Together, left with no other option, they stayed until it was deemed safe for them to leave. They had never gotten answers about what really happened that night and had no idea of the calamity--the mass genocide--that had fallen upon their people.

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