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Hunter's Guild HQ

One of many Hunter's Guild HQs located in this world, but the specific one frequented by the main characters of these stories.   Located in Swansea, Wales, it is located in an impressive old central library.

Purpose / Function

Serves as the main HQ for Swansea and it's surrounding areas. A base of operations for the Hunter's Guild where they can hold meetings, study texts or train.   Due to it's extensive archive, detailing a lot of Welsh history, it is one of the few Guild headquarters to allow members of the public to access the texts and files they have. It is by appointment only, and you do get assigned a spirit to watch you (even if you can't see them).


When the Guild acquired it, they dug out an extensive basement to be used for extra archive storage, a safe place for werebeasts to change during their specific moon phases and extra function rooms. They also changed out most of the windows to be tinted, to accommodate for their vampire members.


Formerly the main library for the city, it was closed down for a new venue in the mid-2000s and put for sale. The Hunter's Guild managed to acquire it in this time, having been searching for a new headquarters location in the area to accommodate those who couldn't reach the main Wales HQ in Cardiff.


The archive is open (by booked appointment) to members of the public who have an interest in learning more about the histories of magic and monsters in Wales. Most HQs are only accessible to members of the Hunter's Guild, but due to extent of info Red Brick Library holds, they thought it best to offer a way for normal humans to learn more about the supernatural world, as well as confused supernaturals to learn more of their history.
Founding Date
Alternative Names
Red Brick Library
Owning Organization

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