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Bionic Arm

WorldEmber 2021


It provides people that are born without arms or people that have lost them a chance to feel normal again. They provide many benefits like quicker response time and a “weapon” that was created on accident that fires a plasma ball which can leave a small burn mark on a person. This doesn’t kill them. This plasma is just energy releasing out. It’s customizable too.


The default one is made out of a blue metal called Fruisium. Silver, Tin and Iespite are some of the other metals that are being used. There is no battery since it’s muscle controlled. It’s also used with a technology that makes it look like a normal hand. People that have friends or family that doesn’t like it, wish to hide their bionic arm or aren’t comfortable with one are more likely to use it. This can be turned on and off when they want. It mimics the normal flesh so if you injure yourself it’ll reflect it with blood for cuts or a broken arm but this can be spotted sometimes.


They last for a long time so people don’t have to worry about them much. The metal is durable and doesn’t crack easily. Some metals are weaker than others and that impacts how much you have to maintain it. Doing a sport like soccer and any other sports that have people bumping into each other can have a risk of damaging the metal.


It was first invented during the Industrial Age where technology started blooming. A group of engineers found a way to make a substitute arm out of plastic. The first prototype failed to work due to the battery overheating when it moved. It went through many phases. It eventually released to the public. It was rather expensive since the company only had a single factory producing them and there was a limited amount of materials. The public seemed to enjoy them and eventually gained enough money to have more factories producing them which made them cheaper. The material changed to metal 40 years later. It was the most popular choice. Metal was easier to use and move around. It also was more comfortable and didn’t hurt as much as well as being more durable.   The idea of a muscle controlled arm was talked about. They tried it out and failed to get a good result. The hand wasn’t responding to the movement of the muscles. They tried many ideas to flesh away the problem and took many years. When it was successful they gave it out to a select group of people. They gave feedback which helped the company adjust the bionic arms. It was later released to the entire public a few months later. It was easier to move the hand around and had more control on the fingers. It didn’t have to charge anymore which saved them money.   The plastic ones but with the latest changes are still being produced for younger people as they are more lighters and cheaper. They have become a positive influence on society.


The metal needs to be heated up then molded into arm shapes. The things that operate them are put in manually. This manual process can take 20 minutes for one but can take a long time for loads. Once they are all done they are checked for errors before being distributed.

Social Impact

The development of these helped people gain their ability to feel again. People are happy with this technology discovery and see it as a positive change.
by cottonbro on Pexels
Access & Availability
They are available to everyone. It was expensive but got more cheaper as more factories started to manufacture them.

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