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It's hard to miss the Sessia when you're sailing to the East.  You can see her laying on the ridge down at the bottom.  But we try not to dwell on it.  It was a cruel fate for a ship of her lineage to be sent to, by a deranged captain.  If we ignore the wreck, we grant Sessia respect.  If you ask anyone else, they'll tell you that Sessia and her crew never came home after a voyage.  It's a better fate than what really happened.


Sessia was the original flagship of the Sessis family, and served as this until Carina Sessis seceded from her fleet in her growing madness and paranoia.  During the mutiny orchestrated by the Thas family, the Sessia was struck in the stern by cannon fire, causing her to founder.  She did not completely sink, however, and simply lay still in the water as the fleet circled her.  Fearing her almost certain death, Carina went below and upturned the gunpowder stores of the ship, before taking a lighted taper and blowing the hull to smithereens.  The ship sank rapidly, and no survivors were recovered from the wreck.  

Cultural Perception

The events leading up to Sessia's wrecking are often ignored or purposefully omitted from tales around the Sessis family, not only within the family and fleet but also by the other Sea Queen families.  Fire and explosives as a method to retire a ship are abhorred by all the members of the fleets, and the idea of destroying a family ship is so far outside the consciousness of most fleet members that the existence of the wreck is almost feared by some, representing how far the Sessis family once strayed from sanity.  When passing over the wreck, captains either make no comment or observation or make the sign of the sea, warding off the madness that took the ship to her grave.
Wrecked Sessis Flagship
Masts   4   Weaponry   5 cannons on port and starboard sides, as well as a harpoon gun in the prow.   Protections   The Sessia had many Preservewrits applied to its hull, but none to guard against explosion.  These included writs to ensure the planks were watertight, as well as writs against fire damage and large impacts.
Complement / Crew

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