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150 Mortus Sol

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One hundred and twenty seven years ago, the sun cease to rise. Collectively, the churches and priests throughout the realm lost their divine connections and the world was plunged into an eternal darkness. The surface dwelling races fled underground, into the domain of the dwarves and gnomes. Many died as the surface became a snow-ridden wasteland, the tunnels of the dwarves became over crowded, the drow were pushed back to near extinction, and humanity found a place among the poor of their new underground neighbors. The survivors of the apocalypse above now live in the darkness below, fearing what lies in the depths of The Underdark. The future, both before and after death, is uncertain.
Today, the world is becoming adjusted to the new reality. The different races have founded differing factions and settlements, mimicing their old life above ground. But, while there are safe cities and stable governments, food is scarce, tribalistic warring is normalized, and strange creatures have begun to crop up in the lower regions of Mundus. In the absence of divinity, many have turned to technology, both as a form of power and even as a religion in these dire times. Civilization has declined like never before. The world is dark and filled with danger, but there is much to be earned for those willing to brave the threats and smart enough to survive them. More than coin or fame, but a lasting impact on a world in turmoil, shaping its form for the generations to come.
Mundus is partly inspired by the world of Arx Fatalis, civilization has been shunted into the earth and needs to adapt. The world is recovering from an apocalypse, where the sun and the gods have disappeared suddenly, and this has left mortals in a age filled with struggle and danger ripe for adventurers. There are cities and trade reminiscent of ages past, but there is a general lack of food and space for the increase in population. Additionally, technology has flourished in the absence of divinity. Machines powered by magical potential (spell slots) allow for heightened quality of life and new weapons of war. In addition, primitive firearms have become available to common folk and are found in the hands of many adventurers. Below are a selection of handouts I have created to further detail the world and assist in character creation for my campaign.