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The Isekai Effect

The metaphysical law of Worldshifting is a unique property of the realm of Muncaelo that causes people and object from across the multiverse to suddenly, and randomly manifest permanently within the realm of Muncaelo, ripping them from their place within the homeworlds and abandoning them upon the surface of Muncaelo's vast world. Historically, such events were unknown to the populace of Muncaelo, however, within the past 10 years, an eclectic range of vastly powerful and dangerous people have appeared within the realm through this phenomenon, including in one case an entire village appearing within the depths of the Ivory Frog Woods.  


Beings who appear within Muncaelo have been titled Foreigners by the local inhabitants, though this title is also applied to powerful wizards from other parts of the Brievary, including the famed Raureif Viatorem. these beings often share strange and different customs and cultures related to their worlds, that sometimes even go against the norms of the native humanoids of Mucnaelo.  


As has recently been discovered by the ancient sapphire dragon Squall, The Thundercall, a strange arcane gate that isn't completely manifested, and has a damaged world corridor has engulfed the entirety of Muncaelo, acting as a vacuum, and connecting to random worlds and taking inhabitants, treasures, and structures from them and leaving them within the realm. While Squall has yet to discover the origin of this gate, or how to properly shut it down, he has grown weary that it may lead to more problems with the world, including the possibility of fusing with another world, or having stuff taken, and possibly having the planet itself torn asunder, with parts of the planet being lost throughout the multiverse.  


The effects of worldshifting, and its outright cause are not visually seen, except for during the process of the phenomenon, and temporarily afterward, for a time period comparable to a regional effect dissipating. During the process of a being or structure worldhifting, the creature/ structure will start to appear within the realm of Muncaelo, slowly fading into reality, appearing as a shadow, followed by a translucent form of themselves, and eventually, solidifying as if they/ it was always within Muncaelo. Creatures that are world slipping often are not aware of their presence within Muncaelo until they have fully manifested into their new realm, with the event appearing to them as if their surroundings changed within a millisecond, while their actions in their homeworld were mirrored by their phantasmal self within Muncaelo.   The visual effects of a creature's worldshifting can take place anywhere between a couple of minutes to several hours. During such time, the creature and surrounding area radiate extreme levels of Conjuration magic, apparent to any creature who can see magic or has cast detect magic upon themselves. This Conjuration radiation lasts for a period of several weeks upon the place where the creature worldshifted, though its effects wear off eventually. It is theorized that while the Conjuration radiation is present, a creature may be able to find a way home, or more creatures may follow them to Muncaelo.  


The effects of worldshiftng only occurs within the realm of Muncaelo, and the other two realms of the Brievary are not subject to its effects, though due to the realms proximities, foreigners can easily move about, spreading out to the farthest reaches of the Brievary. Beyond this, Most cases of people worldshifting tend to be marked within the North-Eastern part of the Vaupane Continent, though it is believed that such effects are not limited to this region and that the effects of the worldshifting phenomenon are global.  

List of known Foreigners

  • Crog (Valor of Amadan)
  • Coal Irenicus (Valor of Amadan)
  • Diana Badger (Valor of Amadan)
  • Flair Morningstar (The Red Cloaks)
  • Dogma (The Red Cloaks)
  • Maja (The Red Cloaks)
  • Karregon (The Red Cloaks)
  • Magnha (The Red Cloaks)
  • Homokin (The Red Cloaks)
  • Simba (The Red Cloaks)
  • Halfnip (The Red Cloaks)
  • Drooby (The Red Cloaks)
  • Ladfang (The Red Cloaks)
  • Coltor (The Red Cloaks)
  • Purah (The Red Cloaks)
  • Tanya Von Iory
  • Valkur
  • Lilza
  • Talykm Midgrace
  • Drizzit the Izzit
  • Iados Art
  *The entierty of the settlement of Dhachaigh Keep is populated by foreigners
Metaphysical, Supernatural

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Show spoiler
Originally, when Muncaelo was a new idea, and I (Nicholas Hoar) started worldbuilding and DMing, I would take old player characters, both of my own creation and my players, and put them in the world, turning the chaos of a first campaign party, the Red Cloaks into a large scale bad guy for my players. As time continued, and more characters started making appearances, and stories were better solidified, one of my players proposed an explanation for why people would randomly appear and get stuck within Muncaelo. While we treat this as the cannon explanation at the table, it cannot be considered canon outside and within any of our official documents and sites, as we legally do not have the rights required, but as the story goes, one day, the great explorer Volothamp comes to the conclusion that he has seen all there is to experience within Faerune. Explaining his woes to his friend, a powerful Djinn from the city of brass, the Djinn rips a hole in reality and allows Volo to leave Faerun, and step foot in a new world, to continue his explorations. The side effect of such a hole being created, and left untouched, is the effects of the worldshifting,


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