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The Old Post Office

The Old Post Office is a prominent structure built within the commercial district of Parrs Harbor, on Main Street.  

Purpose / Function

The Old Post Office is one of the most prominent structures in Parrs Harbor. Being one of the information centers of the town, The Old Post Office is a part of the Cahokian Postal Guild. The building is used as a proper mail courier service, sending and receving mail for the entirety of the country of Cahokia. Additionally, the Postal Service maintains a system for adventurers and mercenaries to seek out work and reward, creating a centralized system and allowing for those in need of such services to find a simple, and organized group to carry out their tasks.   The Old Post Office also acts as a weapons storage for the town militia, having a small range and armory within its basement floor. In times of emergency, the postal service will equip adventurers and militiamen with equipment, and may also loan equipment temporarily to adventurers and mercenaries.  


The addition of a side tower leading directly to the armory, and the repurposing of the basement as a range and armory were later additions implemented by a joint effort between the governor of Parrs Harbor, and the Post Master. Beyond this, only simple renovations and repairs have ever been done to the structure.  


Crafted from brick, sandstone, and copper, the Old Post Office is a Queen Anne-style structure, with varied window hood styles, and a unique, albeit simple clock tower design. The base is constructed upon hand-carved sandstone bricks, procured by a local craftsman back in the early days of its construction, with the bricks being procured from other settlements.  

Character-Defining Elements

The Old Post Office has the following Character-Defining Elements.  
  • steeply pitched, truncated, hip roof
  • side chimney
  • pedimented dormers with mullion windows
  • six-bay symmetrical façade
  • tall round headed first and second storey windows
  • towers of different designs including a three-storey clock tower
  • sandstone foundation


Beyond the armory downstairs, the Old Post Office is built upon a raised, sandstone slab base, granting even its first floor an elevation from the ground, and it is then built up with bricks, and more sandstone, having reinforced wall up to the roof. No other major defenses exist for the building, other than its two doors being large and reinforced.  


The Old Post Office was designed and started construction in 1023 NE and took 4 years to complete. It was designed to operate as a post office, and a customs office for the town and surrounding area, as in the earlier years of Parrs Harbor roads were scarce and the only connection back to the main territory of Cahokia was by sea. Due to Parrs harbor being one of the first settlements in the region, and being quite the prominent settlement, the post office was designed as a large building to double as a distribution center for the other settlements within the region, receiving mail from across the Fendu Bey and greater Cahokian territories, and redistributing it to smaller postal sites throughout the region.   In 1285, the current Post Master was implemented as the head of the "Old Post Office" and the upper management of the postal offices of the Parrs Harbor region. Replacing his human predecessor, a man by the name of Stewart Dickey, this elf would remain in this position to this day, with most forgetting his name and referring to him by his position title. The Post Master manages the office workspace, maintaining customs and assuring that job seekers are never too rowdy in their establishment.   In 1343, the Cahokian government created the Cahokian Postal Guild, implementing a new system for governments and local regions to better aid adventurers finding work, and people finding adventurers. Around this time, the "Old Post Office" had renovations, adding a small side tower that would lead directly to the basement, and implementing their armory and range. It wouldn't be until 3 decades later that the town would develop a proper militia that would train to utilize the armories equipment, however.  
  Nova Scotia Postal History - c. 1924 Real Photo Postcard - The Post Office at Parrsboro (Cumberland County), Nova Scotia, Canada (Re-sketched)
Founding Date
1023 NE
Alternative Names
Post Office, Adventures Guild, Mercenaries Guild, Job Center
Post office
Parent Location
Additional Rulers/Owners
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization

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