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Parrs Harbor

The Bay's Rest

Parrs Harbor is a flourishing seaport town, located along the northern side of a bay at the southern tip of the country of Cahokia. The town is known for its lumber production, ship exporting (construction and repairs) and its fisheries. The town is run by the Parr family, who enact as the local Governor for the town and surrounding regions.      


In the year 790 NE, Cahokia decided to start settling the southern lands which up to that point had remained untouched save from the nomadic tribes who lived there and traded furs. In the year 887 NE, an explorer by the name of Parr Harton was marooned in a harbor of what would come to be known as the Fendu Bay. Seeing that he was stuck until the tides returned, he decided to anchor his vessel and explore the nearby region.   Deeming the land to have rich soil and plentiful resources, he returned to the capital of Cahokia and requested permission to settle the land with his family, as well as ownership of the territory, which was inevitably granted to him. His family officially settled the land in 890 NE, and after a few years in 896 NE, enough people had moved to the settlement for it to be recognized as an Official town.   Over the generations of Parrs, the town had an economic boom, eventually building a road to the rest of Cahokia on the mainland, and establishing a small naval base nearby. Even going so far as to produce naval vessels and conscripting soldiers for war, though in this time of peace, this has died down and the town focuses more on exporting lumbers and schooners, as opposed to warships.  


Parrs Harbor is maintained by a Governor Family, the Parrs, appointed by the king of Cahokia. The governor serves as a judge and mediator and appoints people to help him maintain the town and surrounding territory.  


Parrs Harbor is a lively fishing and wood-cutting town along the Fendu Bay. Occupying a large harbor, the town is spread out on either side of the flowing river, with a small segment being constructed upon the mudflats at the tip of the bay. The core town is secured by a wall that meets the two rivers that lead into the bay, with all other parts of town being maintained by those living there, with low defense. In the case of an emergency, people could evacuate to the center town, and destroy the bridges, securing the town with natural defenses found with the rivers, though against a naval assault, they could only rely on the tides marooning attacking ships.  

Places of Interest

Main Street

The hub of the town, Main Street is where all the major shops and structures can be found.  
  • Bank: The local bank. North of Ken’s Convenience
  • Church of the 8 Great: A Church dedicated to the praise and worship of the 8 great gods of the Princeps Pantheon. This is the most popular church of Parrs Harbor and is situated on Main Street, across from the Guard House, and South of the Farmers Market.
  • Farmers Market: Situated at the north end of Main Street, the Farmers Market is a large lot and building where farmers gather to sell their produce. Local farmers pay a small management fee to Governor Parr’s family for rights to use a stall on the plot or inside the building, and in turn, Parr and his family assure the upkeep of the structure and the consistency of the market.
  • Governor's House: At the head of Main Street, where the road splits towards the North West and North East, houses Governor Parr’s House, which doubles as a town hall. Within the front yard is a public gazebo, referred to as the Band Stand.
  • Guardhouse: a building situated in the middle of MainStreet, the Guard House is used for detaining rowdy drunks and mercenaries/ adventurers, and other local criminals. They also secure the local area and are in charge of public protection from monster attacks.
  • Horton’s Smithy: Where people go for their tool repairs. You can find armor and weapons for sale, and all basic weapons can be constructed, however, specialty weapons and custom orders cost extra, and may be difficult for Timothy Horton to craft, and people should not expect to find something like Full Plate for sale, as the likelihood of a local or adventurer purchasing the armor is slim.
  • Irving’s Stables: A small horse stables, Conrad Irving buys horses from the local farmers (specifically the Johnson Farms) and raises his own to be sold at the stables in town.
  • Ken’s Convenience: Situated beside The Old Post Office, and managed by Ken Jennings, Ken’s Convenience is the first stop for supplies. While he doesn’t sell anything along the lines of armor, weapons, or tools, a need for food, rations, rope, torches, and the like can easily be procured from his little shop.
  • Lady of the Mist Bakery: A Building at the southern end of Main Street, run by the Willigars. Willigar is one of the more commonplace surnames within the town, and not all Willigars are connected to the bakery, however, ancestral relations are common between members.
  • Restaurant on the Blackrock: A local restaurant situated south of the Tideview Brewery, the Blackrock as it’s known, sells food to locals and adventurers alike.
  • Tandy Tailors: A local cloth shop under the management of Cheryl Dunham, and working with Krista Odlin. The shop supplies materials and clothing for the nobility, nearby naval base, commoners, and the local Ship’s Company. Tandy Tailors also produces studded and regular leather, but nothing beyond that in terms of armor.
  • The Cenotaph: A obelisk marked with the names of deceased soldiers from the old war. Maintained by the Soldiers Legion, and the Hall.
  • The Old Post Office On a corner of Main Street, where the Easter Road meets, lies the 3 story brick and sandstone Post Office. The location is government-run and contains housing for the government official on the top floor, mail management on the second floor, reception and quest management on the first floor, and both an armory, and medical section amidst the basement. Like all post offices within the country, the Old Post Office acts as an adventurer’s hub/ guild and manages local quests and rewards. The structure also has a clock tower.
  • Tideview Brewery: Across the street from the Old Post office, this is the local brewery for the town of Parr’s Harbor. Known for a mean brew, the site is managed by a local Dwarf by the name of Wendell Gallagher and invested in by his friends, and local nobility; Norman Rafuse, David Beattie, and Tom MacLaren.
  • Wright’s Potions: North of the Tideview Brewery, Wrights Potions is a potions shop run by the local Apothecary Edgar Wright. Potions, alchemical supplies, and even pharmaceuticals can be acquired from this shop.

North East District

This district is considered a housing district without much in terms of shops, though some important buildings do exist.  
  • Berries: Found across the Aboiteau, the building that used to belong to a man named Berrie is utilized by the Harrison’s to collect processed wood, and transport it down-shore along the Docks.
  • Church of the 8 Great Rectory: special home built for the livelihood of the head priest of Parrs Harbor’s Church of the 8 Great. Religious guests are also housed here.
  • Fire Department: a local sight where a gathering of “Wizards and Sorcerers” of the town gather, and mobilize to deal with structure fires, a common mishap of the town.
  • Kerwin’s House: Kerwin Davison is a local artificer for the town, and working alongside Timothy Horton, has concocted several bizarre inventions that can be seen around town, such as the gate bridge that allows for the Aboiteau, and the rail engine that transports wood to the Docks.
  • Medical Center: The closest this town has to a proper hospital. Since none of the priests in town are clerics, one has to either head out towards the city or make do with conventional medical procedures and wrights potions.
  • Open Arms: A small-scale “Religious Group” operating out of the bottom floor of a building across the street from Berries. The group worships purely the domain of light.
  • O'Regan’s Carriages: A Carriage Lot, the O’Regan’s family can be found throughout the country, monopolizing the carriage and trolley market. Be it for nobles, or farmers, they have the carriages for you.
  • The Gillespie House: Managed by Henrick Gillespie, and his family, the Gillespie House is the second inn within the town of Parrs Harbor and is one of the two main housing spaces for Mercenaries and Adventurers.
  • The Soldier Legion: A Public Space managed by the military for use from retired soldiers. The legion works in conjecture with the local guard and military, as well as the Hall to provide military and guard funeral services, and public events.

School District

West of Main Street is the School District, a pair of buildings used for education purposes, and more housing units.  
  • Abandoned Church of the Lunar Monastery: Once a thriving and glorious church within the town, its population declined throughout the years, and was officially closed upon the death of the local priest. It now lies vacant and abandoned but full of beautiful craftsmanship.
  • Educational Centers: Utilized amidst the winters, and on Sundays during the production season, the Educational centers teach locals fundamentals of reading, writing, and mathematics, as well as offer other forms of literature and educational aid. The western building provides supplies and spaces for local small-scale arcane teachings and can in rare instances supply recommendations to wizarding schools and bardic colleges to members of the town to learn in the arcane in the cities. A local library function in tandem with the Educational Centers allowing for public access to literature in case one requires it.
  • The Hall: Headquarters of a local faction known as the hall. Comprising older generations and families of land wealth, the Hall, in conjunction with Governor Parr and his family, manages town events and festivals/ festivities and double as a group investor for local artists and the Ship’s Company.


Along the east side of the river, below the Millville, and connected to the flats, which reside on the river itself, is Riverside. Riverside expands south along the harbor towards the Pier/ Cottage Town, and east away from the river. It is made up of residential land, and a few farms. Notable locations within Riverside are the Pastors Pastures & Orchard. A large plot of land belonging to the Viater Churches local pasture; Pier Frost.
  • Eldon’s Historical Center: A Museum under the ownership of Eldon George, The Historical Center is an attraction of the town of Parrs Harbor, containing fossils and bones of ancient dragonoids, theorized to be a species dubbed “Dinosaur”, and local gems and minerals found along the shoreline. The center receives funding from local nobility and mineral enthusiasts.
  • Harvons Woodworks: A carpenter shop located where Millville meets Riverside, run by the half-elf Croyden G Harvon. he buys wood at a discount straight from the mill.
  • Millville: North of Eastern road, and directly above Riverside, Millville is a large log mill with smaller housing units amidst the outskirts of the mill where local workers are housed.
  • Pastors Pastures & Orchard: A large 6 Acre plot of land, heading north from the Eastern Road and heading east behind the plots of other houses. In the immediate backyard are large vegetable gardens, flower gardens, and fruit bushes. In the farther back yard, is a moderate-sized apple orchard, and hidden amidst the northwest corner of the plot houses a small tower chapel. This land is owned and managed by Pier Pruinae (Proo-ee-nay), who doubles as the local priest for the Church of Venevenire.
  • The Harrison’s Mill: the Harrison’s Mill collects lumber from the forest to its North East, which is then brought to the river, and floated down into the Aboiteau, where it is collected by the mill and processed into lumber for ship and house construction, and export.

The Flats

South of the Eastern Road and built upon the mudflats of the Upper Harbor, The Flats are a unique set of architecture crafted as an upper-middle-class housing and market sector.  
  • Artikel’s Outpost: A small two story building under control of the Artikel. This branch purchases magic items from Mercenaries and Adventurers and manages local members of the Artikel. Manned by the dwarf Sayers Elmclan, the building can house up to 2 more members of the faction at any time.
  • Bricklayers Storefront: A Service under the management of the Yorke Family, Their Bricklayer store does perform business, however, it acts as a front for much more than bricklaying.
  • York Clan’s Estate: home of Don York, several buildings within the Flats are owned and managed by the York Family. This doubles as a Sin Concord Safehouse.

The Docks

Along the Western side of Upper Harbor, are the Docks. Sometimes used for anchoring smaller sailboats, they are primarily used in conjunction with the log mill to repair and assemble new sailboats for sale to fishermen, cities, and the local navy. These docks appear all along the Western riverside and down to the southern outskirts.  
  • Harrison’s Sails: The local sailboat manufacturing sight, Harrison’s Sails is situated at the Northern Docks across from the Flats.
  • Ship’s Company: A theater troupe constructed around a beached ferry, the Ship’s Company Theater is situated along the docks, at the southernmost point of Main Street, and just across the bridge to White Hall.
  • The Maple Inn: Once during the old wars, the Maple Inn was a military hospital, but in recent years it was bought and renovated into an inn by a foreign family. It is now considered one of the two local inns within the town and is the housing for many Adventurers and Mercenaries.
  • Warehouses: While there are not many across the town of Parrs Harbor, a few warehouses can be found along the Northern docks, owned and managed by the Harrisons, though some may be rented out to others.

White Hall

Across the White hall Bridge, at the southern end of Main Street, White Hall is a large hill that houses the lands and residences of Parrs Harbor’s local Noble, and Merchant Families.  
  • House Harrison: Owning the most land and the largest manor in White Hall, House Harrison has their manor constructed upon the top of the hill, overlooking the entirety of the town. House Harrison is a Merchant house, owning the local Harrison Mill, and the Dockyards, having earned their wealth from lumber and sailboat constructions/ sales.
  • House McAloney: Local Nobility, House McAloney has been on the decline, with the heir to the family having died during his twenties from disease. It is expected for the house to be abandoned upon the death of the current head and extended members.
  • House Merriam: Local Nobility from Military Achievement, the Merriam’s have been performing military service from the Two Islands Naval Base for the better part of 5 generations. The noble title was acquired by the 3rd generation Jim Merriam, however, the White Hall Estate is used and managed by his descendants, while Jim and his wife live within his wife’s daily home within the residential Sector of Parrs harbor, nearby the Governor's House.
  • House Morwick: Local Nobility, House Morwick is known for investing within local farmland to try and produce unique vegetation from outside the country, as well as finding the local theater troupe Ship’s Company. House Morwick is also known for several family members participating within the local navy.
  • House Tyson: Local Nobility, House Tyson’s manor is situated on the side of the White Hall hill, overlooking the White Hall bridge, and being visible from the Docks and Riverside. The Tyson’s were born into their wealth, and procure more from investing in local businesses within the town, including the dockyards, and Eldon’s Historical Center. The Tyson’s are big mineral enthusiasts. Members include Sir Rod Tyson and Lady Helen Tyson.

The Pier/ Cottage Town

South of Riverside at the entrance of the harbor, lies a large pier, where the local fishers dock. Around the area are several cottages belonging to locals used in the summers to deal with the heat.  
  • Fresh Fish Market: Situated in a large dirt plot beside cottage town, and the Pier, Fresh Fish Market is a local market run by the local fishermen so that they can sell without competition from the Farmers Market. Fish sold at this market is often at times up to a day old, as the fishermen sell their fish to local restaurants, and even at the farmers market for better traffic flow, and due to the plot being unmanaged by Governor Parr, is run down, and unkempt.
  • The Lighthouse: Manned by James R. Howard, and his wife, the lighthouse is situated across the harbor at the end of a sandbar and allows local ships to be properly directed into the harbor. The lighthouse can only be accessed from the southern outskirts on the Western side of the river/ harbor.


Anywhere outside of town, the outskirts consist of smaller housing areas and farmland. The outskirts consist of the northern outskirts, the northeastern outskirts, the southern outskirts, and the eastern road outskirts, also known as Two Islands.  
  • The Johnson’s Farms: Large plots of land, and a private 3 man mill belonging to the McPhee family, vegetables, horses, cows, and chickens are raised for sale by the 3 McPhee Sisters.
  • The Kernahan Farms: Large plots of farmland found north of town under the ownership of the Kernahan Siblings, known for producing animal products, such as cows, goats, sheep, as well as acres of Corn Land. Their land is large enough that, unlike the McPhees, they divide their land to smaller farmers who manage the excess land, and in turn are granted rights to live on the land, food for the winters, and small wages.
  • The Merriam Acres: While the Merriam family live within the town, they own a decent plot of land within the outskirts. This plot goes relatively untouched, as the Merriam family is a naval family and spend most of their lives within the military, and receive retirement funds from it as well.

Beyond the town are several important locations/ villages

  • Atkinson’s Blueberries: Far Outside of the town, is a large plot of wild blueberry fields belonging to the Atkinson Family.
  • Parrs Vacation Home: An hour and a half trek outside the town, Parrs Vacation home, also known as the Parr Manor, is a large two-story vacation home in which Governor Parr and his family take up residence during the summers.
  • Partridge Island: A moderate-sized Island, a small military base was situated atop but was abandoned due to long-running peace, and to move costs over to the Two Islands naval base. The Island held spiritual significance to local barbarian tribes during and before the founding of Parrs Harbor.
  • The Two Islands: East of Parrs harbor, the Two Islands is a local Naval Base.


Fendu Bay

Parrs harbor


Harbor Town
Cahokia, Southwest Occidentra, Fendu Bay


Mainly humans


Founding Date
896 NE
Alternative Name(s)
First Landing
Inhabitant Demonym
Harborites, Parrtons
Location under
Included Locations
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization
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