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Sea Doctor

The Captain of this Ship.

Sea Doctor (a.k.a. Doc) (He/Him)

Sea Doctor is a Kenku swashbuckler rogue, with history revolving around ships and piracy. Currently, he is the captain of the airship the Chevron.  
Personality Trait:
I am a bundle of 16 pirates, 27 adventurers, and a whole slew of Bethesda quotes.
Money and reward should be free flowing... into my pockets.
I've only had the Chevron for 10 years, but if anything were to happen to it, I would kill everyone in the room, and then myself!
I mostly speak in quotes, often related to medium that none in this world would know about. "So, you're finally awake!"

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

A straight-standing agile combatant, Sea Doctor is quick on his feet, and quicker to berate. He can easily enter and leave the vicinity of his opponents, performing hit and run tactics with little to no difficulty.  

Facial Features

Sea Doctor's Facial Features are relatively unknown, due to the fact that he always wears a mask, though they are probably very generic when compared to other Kenku, Crows, and Ravens. Needless to say, bird-like.  

Apparel & Accessories

Sea Doctor appears dressed in a suave plague doctor's uniform, with a specialized coat dawning a leather satchel full of drugs and other medical tools, a plague doctor's mask, guarding his face and beak, and a tricorn adorning his head. He also carries a rapier, dagger, and magical longsword on her person at all times.  

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Where most Kenku experience a drive to reach for the sky, Sea Doctor experienced a drive to sail for the seas. While not ignorant of his inherited desire to regain the ability to fly, Sea doctor instead joined a band of pirates under the command of a fire genasi Branton D. Harvgold, also known as the pirate Burnbeard. Aborad Harvgold's ship, the Advent Blade, Sea doctor would study and learn from the crew members, utilizing his innate talent in mimicry to become a ship hand, and master sailor within a short time period, becoming indispensable to the crew for his ability to master anything they could teach him.   Eventually, over the course of a couple of years, Sea Doctor would become the main medic upon the Advent Blade, earning his name from the crew, and performing amputations, and limited forms of treatment to the pirates he could refer to as kin. These experiences upon Harvgold's ship would form many of Sea Doctors skillsets, including his fighting, medical, and sailing skills.   Eventually, when Sea Doctor was 28, Branton D. Harvgold was killed in an attack from a rival pirate crew, leaving the Advent Blade captainless, and the crew asunder between three internal groups. Sensing that the ship was no longer safe and that it was time for him to leave the Plundered Seas, Sea Doctor returned to land, attempting to make a living as a mercenary, though often participating and enacting theft and scams to get by. After around two years of living on land, a rumor reached the ears of the Kenku.  
"There exists a city within the sky, forgotten was its existence, but the city of Rurin flies once more, and they desire manpower."
  With this knowledge in his head, Sea Doctor made his way Southeast towards the city of Thesis, scamming and robbing people upon the way until he arrived and was able to join a large, already present band of Kenku, seeking to take an airship to the flying city. Paying for a ticket, and helping other Kenku who had yet to make enough to afford the trip, Sea Doctor and the band which would come to be known as the Third Wave, made their way to a flying city, floating over the sands of the Solitudinem Desert.   Upon Arrival, the Third Wave was brought to a large building, where they met the new rulers of the Flying City of Rurin, the Rurin Grand Council, and offered Food Shelter and Employment, in turn for becoming permanent residents of the city and promise to act properly. With this, many Kenku were assigned to work as dockhands, city-wide janitors, assistants to the office of Rurin, or to be direct aids to Iorki within the Rurin Grand Library. During this, Sea Doctor was able to convey to the council of his skillsets with ships and was assigned to be the permanent captain of the council's new airship, the Cutsom Boromihr Sky Yacht, the Chevron. From here, Sea Doctor would learn the many inner and outer workings of the airship, performing tasks for the council as they desired, including air tours, expeditions, and transportation for important guests.   Eventually, the Chevron would be rewarded to a party known as the Aegis Encarmine, for their participation in the war against the Dragon Queen and her armies, and Sea Doctor would go with, acting as the captain and primary source of travel for the Aegis Encarmine.   Recently, Sea Doctor participated in an excursion to Malumtra, the realm of shadows, with the Aegis Encarmine to fight a vampire lord and free the long-lost goddess of the dead. During these events, Sea Doctor would come to possess a weapon known as the Avialuora, granting him his long desired wings.  


Sea Doctors' level of education is complex and seemingly inconsistent. At times he appears to have vast swaths of medical knowledge, and the next moment he is botching a surgery. Most of the knowledge Sea Doctor has gained through his years were learned upon a pirate ship, and any form of training he has actually had are dependent on the ability to replicate all he sees and hears, without ever actually learning anything or teaching himself something new, so is the curse of the Kenku.  


In the past, Sea Doctor has dabbled in positions such as deckhand, ship medic, and mercenary, however, his current employment is that of the captain of the Airship the Chevron, maintaining the ship and controlling it for its current owners, the Aegis Encarmine.  

Personality Characteristics


Motivated by personal and inherited desires, Sea Doctor saught a means to the sky, eventually becoming the captain of the Chevron, and gaining his wings through the power of a magic item. Beyond this, his motivation is related to his interests, becoming a deckhand out of pure intrigue.  


Contacts & Relations

Sea Doctor holds affiliations with the Rurin Grand Council, Squilk's band of Hirees, the Aegis Encarmine, and the Valor of Amadan.  

Social Aptitude

A confident fast talker, Sea Doctor always has something to say, pulling insults and wise quotes from a seeming endless source.
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Chaotic Neutral
Current Status
On vacation at Dhachaigh Keep, along with the Aegis Encarmine
Current Location
Currently Boarded Vehicle
Honorary & Occupational Titles
  • Captain
  • Doctor
Current Residence
The Chevron
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Bluish-Black feathers
165 lbs
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Denial. Anger. Bargaining, depression, and acceptance."
-- Sea Doctor to a grieving widow.
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
As a Kenku, Sea Doctor is capable of speaking any language he has heard, He primarily communicates through common however, and is not considered proficient in most languages.  

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