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The Chevron

Prize of Rurin Grand Council, Reward of the Aegis Encarmine

A specialty air yacht crafted for the private use of the Rurin Grand Council following their rediscovery of the ancient floating city of Rurin. The Chevron was commissioned by the party with their newfound riches to help establish their new country, initialize trade with other nations, promote their openness to newcomers as they established their city, and help them traverse to and from the city.   Most notably, however, was that the airship doubled as a show of their triumph over the red dragon prince Ambidyr, who had made the dormant city his lair, and was slain by the Rurin Grand Council during their exploration of the city in its dungeon state. Adorned to the bottom of the yacht, and utilizing its wings as natural sails is the skeleton of this once powerful adult red dragon.  


During the early days of Rurin, when they experienced a mass migration of Kenku moving into the city, the Rurin Grand Council appointed the kenku Sea Doctor to become the permanent captain of the Chevron. Sea Doctor would then maintain the boat when it was not being used, and perform tasks for the Rurin Grand Council, such as ferrying friends and associates the council wished to transport to and from the city outside of their regular ferrying system. Additionally, Sea Doctor and the Chevron would partake in small expeditions with Members of the Rurin Grand Council when they wished to explore a nearby region or make a trip to a major settlement they were passing by.   Eventually, after a battle between the Dragon Queen's army and the flying city, the Chevron was gifted to the Aegis Enarmine, an adventuring party with similar origins to that of the Rurin Grand Council, who now utilize the airship as their personal means of transportation across the vast continent of Vaupane.  

Power Generation

The Chevron has a power battery crafted from arcane minerals that maintain a permanent charge utilized in powering the airships propulsion.  


The Chevron works with two forms of propulsion. Its primary form of propulsion is windpower, raising up and down through hot air being directed into its balloon, and utilizing air currents, caught by the wings of Ambidyrs skeleton to act as sails, pushing the yacht forwards.   The second form of propulsion is artificially created by an arcane engine creating a backwards thrust, pushing the yuatch forward. This engine maintains it power from the arcane battery found within the vehicle.  

Weapons & Armament

At first glance, the Chevron appears to be relatively unguarded, with throwing javelin being prepared at the stern of the boat, and a mounted ballista located at the bow of the airship.  
Show spoiler
Unbeknownst to the current owners of the yacht, the skeletal remains of Ambidyr have been transformed into a Dragon Bone Golem, which can be activated by Sea Doctor's command word to detach itself from the airship and take flight, warding off airborne enemies and defending the ship from aerial attacks. While the golem is detached from the ship, however, the Chevron loses any form of windpower propulsion and has to rely on its slower arcane-powered propulsion engines.

Armor and defense

The Chevron is lightly armored, with mere thick wood being the airship's primary defense, and with the balloon being defended with a layer of the protective hide. The airship is susceptible to fire damage, but can easily defend against regular weapons, though siege weapons could do a number on it. When it comes to the defense of this ship, it depends on its quick speeds and its armaments.  

Communication Tools & Systems

The Chevron comes equipped with a communication orb, utilized by airships and sky docks to maintain communication and control of airways so as to prevent any possible collisions. Beyond this, the Shevron has a couple of tools to help determine speeds and altitudes such as a speedometer, and an altimeter, along with a compass to maintain directions.  
Ambidyr's Final Rest, the Dragons Maw, and the Reward of Greed
Death on Display
Creation Date
Sexember 21st, 1458 NE
Owning Organization
Current location
Estimated 25,000 gp
Only 1 in existance
~30 ft.
~110 ft.
~65 ft., not including the balloon or dragon skeleton
10,900 lbs
30 ft. per second by propulsion, wind x 40 ft. per second.
Complement / Crew
The vessel is manned by a single captain, the ex-pirate kenku: Sea Doctor
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
60 tons

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