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Mandaru is THE legendary chieftain of Qemt'Or, most known for her sack of the Hobgoblin fort city Bushaad and the subsequent Mandaru's Proclamation. The true Mandaru is a figure shrouded by her own myths and legends. Some of the myths tied to her are clearly untrue from a scientific point of view, but many Qemti (especially Orcs) believe them. Of all the myths and stories attributed to the Mother of Qemt'Or, most focus on two dueling traits of her personality: warmonger and lover.


Mandaru's most famous trait is her barely controlled bloodlust. The stories describe her as frothing at the mouth during her conquests, and yet also imply that she was a calculating and tactical planner. These two traits seem to be at odds with each other (and it's true that perhaps a more savvy battle planner has been forgotten while Mandaru herself, as a larger than life figure, has been given credit for that planner's achievements). However, they don't have to be mutually exclusive.   She is never directly described as planning out her battles, and yet the battles themselves, supposedly led single handedly by Mandaru, were always described in the legends as being well thought out affairs, focusing on both tactics and logistics. Are these descriptions embellishments added later to make Mandaru seem like a better tactician than she was, or could she really have been a master general and blood crazed berserker at the same time? We may never know   By all accounts though, she was certainly a peerless warrior. She led from the front lines and took no prisoners. A few fragments of Hobgoblin writing exists from this time which verifies these claims. The Hobgoblins were afraid of her - she fought wildly, without control, and without equal.  


Although her vicious campaigns are her most well known feats, many Orcish stories tell of a different yet similar side of the legendary chieftain. There is a reason why she is known as the champion of Ares and Aphrodite, after all. As was common for powerful chieftains in the early Qemti nation, Mandaru had many husbands and concubines, most of those being chieftains or the sons of chieftains from the Orcish tribes that still needed incentive to join the nation. History records her having over 40 children, which seems unreasonable for a normal person - but is it the work of myth inflating the numbers, or was she truly the champion of Aphrodite?   One popular myth stemming from this side of Mandaru is that only the descendants of Mandaru have red hair. Mandaru was known for her fiery hair, and is the source of many of her epithets. While it's true that red hair is rare among Orcs, there's no evidence suggesting that only her descendants are carriers of the trait.

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